World record attempt for driver

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams June 25, 2013 10:21

World record attempt for driver

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The Bloodhound Driver – which will attempt the world record

A group of Formula 1 engineers are hoping to break the world record for how far a golf ball will travel when hit by a driver.

Officially, Karl Woodward set the world carry record of 408 yards and 10 inches in 1999, although many claim that Mike Austin hit a ball 515 yards in 1975.

A company called Zen Golf has put together a team of engineers, including Richard Noble OBE, who himself set a land speed car driving record of 634mph in 1983, and have created a new car, the Bloodhound SSC, which is built to break the 1,000mph barrier in 2015.

The team will create a new driver using ‘the same DNA’ deployed in the car.

A spokesman said that the clubface ‘gap’ and side fins will aid aerodynamics, head velocity and stability, it will feature advanced composite materials and the latest aerospace manufacturing technologies, and it will ‘be a natural extension of the athlete’s body and challenge all current thinking about driver design’.

“The club will be a completely new design, with grip, shaft and club head all being created from the archetypal clean sheet of paper,” said Nick Middleton, founder of Zen Golf. “This is an opportunity for British design and engineering to show that it still leads the world – and in the most spectacular way possible.”

“I’m really excited see how these emerging technologies can be harnessed to break barriers in golf engineering,” added Noble.

Karl Woodward, who will also be involved in the project, said: “My record has stood for more than 10 years now, which is very unusual considering all the attention being paid to golfers’ athletic abilities. For me this project is about much more than the driver, so I’m really excited to be involved in something that will potentially change every aspect of the game.”

It is unlikely that the driver will break the intergalactic record, however. A Russian cosmonaut, who hit a golf ball round the Earth in 2006, currently holds that. The ball traveled about one million miles for more than two days, before it burnt up. It was hit by a six iron.


Emma Williams
By Emma Williams June 25, 2013 10:21
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  1. Betty June 26, 14:44

    Couple of mistakes in this article…

    From the Guinness Book of World Records:

    – The Mike Austin 515-yard drive was on September 25, 1974…not 1975.
    – The longest official recorded carry that Guinness lists is 458 yards by Jack Hamm at Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA, on July 20, 1993.

    So the Woodward drive from 1999 actually fell short of the Guinness record for carry.

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