Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 14, 2013 10:19

Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course

A Surrey golf club has become at least the sixth in the last year to build a ‘FootGolf’ course at its venue in a bid to attract a new type of paying customer.


Addington Court is the latest UK golf club to build a FootGolf course

FootGolf involves players trying to get a football into a super-sized golf hole in the fewest kicks possible.

The sport has grown in popularity since it was launched in the USA last July, and at least six UK golf clubs have now built a course to meet demand.

Courses tend to feature nine or 18 holes and can be several thousand yards long, while individual holes can be as long as 350 yards, although most are less than half that size. The ball used is usually a size five football, with holes between 20 and 21 inches (52 to 53cm) wide.

Addington Court Golf Centre in Surrey is the latest to announce it will build a course at its venue.

“We’ve created a special 2000-yard, 18-hole course, with par threes, fours and even a five which will test even the best FootGolfers,” said Paul Oliver, director of golf at Addington Court.

“The course uses the natural landscape but preserves the great condition of the playing surfaces for our regular golfers.

“It’s for all ages and both sexes. It’s no surprise that a lot of our regular junior golfers have been testing out the new FootGolf course after their regular game of golf – and some could become joint FootGolf and golf professionals!”

FootGolf already has a governing body, the UK FootGolf Association (UKFG), and was brought to the UK by Mike O’Connor, who finished third in its launch event in the USA.

“Even if you can no longer play football, for whatever reason, you can play FootGolf,” he said.

“We’ve had players aged from six years old up to 74 so far this year, and everyone – young or old, male or female – has a fantastic time.

“FootGolf is great exercise but you don’t get tackled or out of breath. Most adults can kick a ball over 50 yards, although downhill and with the wind it can go a lot further, and with FootGolf holes averaging 120 yards or so, the 18-hole scores can match ‘real’ golf quite closely. Scores in the 60s are not uncommon, although most people would be thrilled to break 80.”

Competitors at Addington Court will pay £15 to play a round. Other clubs to build courses include Cromwell Golf Centre in Cambridgeshire, Bridlington Links Golf & Leisure Estate in Yorkshire, South Essex Golf Centre and Monkton Park in Wiltshire.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 14, 2013 10:19
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  1. 19th Hole Social (@19th_holesocial) August 14, 10:37

    Addington Court Golf Centre has built a ‘FootGolf’ course at its venue in a bid to attract a new type of paying…

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  2. 19th Hole Social (@19th_holesocial) August 14, 11:38

    #Golf #Panthersocial Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course – Addington Court Golf Centre has built a ‘…

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  3. @FootGolfUSA August 14, 11:41

    Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course » Golf Club Management

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  4. @mcphersoncomm August 15, 02:33

    Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course » Golf Club Management

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  5. Edward Saxel (@ispygolfpro) August 15, 08:10

    Is ‘FootGolf’ the new thing? A cross between, well, you get it…

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  6. Alexandra B Almeida (@xanagolfe) August 15, 08:58

    O melhor dos 2 mundos?!? >> Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course » Golf Club Management

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  7. Ellie Parry (@groundsmaiden) August 15, 13:01

    What is ‘FootGolf’ and where can I play it in the UK? (via @GCM_mag)

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  8. FootGolf fan August 15, 15:12

    FYI – The Footgolf course at Addington Court (and South Essex) is a temporary course laid out as & when the Footgolf people hold an event there. It’s not a dedicated new golf course – they use the existing golf course, and generally sink the Footgolf ‘cup’ into an area of light rough somewhere near the regular green.

    I don’t think anyone’s actually built a dedicated full-time Footgolf course yet, although I stand to be corrected there!

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  9. @Monkeyaction August 16, 08:51

    Club to build ‘FootGolf’ course » Golf Club Management

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  10. Paul Killick August 16, 09:06

    Any Courses out there interested in taking up Footgolf, please give a call

    08006899552 or e-mail

    More info on the website.

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  11. Paul Killick August 23, 12:10

    All of the information about current Footgolf venues can be found on the website

    One Stop Golf in Hull is a full time 9 hole Footgolf course and is the only one currently in the country. Several courses operate Footgolf one evening a week and Sunday afternoons,(Generally the quietest time for golfers) which is also when tournaments are arranged

    What Footgolfers bring is a considerable “second revenue” especially if you have Live Fooball on in the clubhouse.

    Yes, some of you golfers may think you don’t want Footgolf coming to “spoil” your course but they make a lot less damage than your average golfer with his pitching wedge, and the holes are sited away from the greens.

    Think about it, this sport may SAVE your golf course!


    Paul Killick
    Footgolf England

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  12. Rass September 23, 04:27

    I would love more info on building this type of course thank

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