Customer service is not good enough say 90%

Tania Longmire
By Tania Longmire December 17, 2013 11:09

Customer service is not good enough say 90%

A staggering 90 percent of people think customer service at golf clubs should be improved, according to a new survey.

customer serviceBut what’s perhaps more remarkable is that those polled are not customers of golf facilities, but instead their employees.

The mystery shopper service 59Club polled more than 70 PGA professionals and revealed to them other startling results on the state of customer service in the golf club industry:

• Just 13 percent of venues offer to provisionally reserve space when an initial enquiry is made.

• Only one in 20 golf clubs will stay in touch with a prospective client following an initial enquiry.

• Only 12 percent of clubs ask if a visitor would like to hire a buggy or electric trolley.

• Just eight per cent of golf venues offer added value services on an initial enquiry.

• Golf clubs’ staff offer to upsell a food and beverage item when a customer is using clubhouse facilities as little as 15 percent of the time.

A spokesman said the most successful golf clubs in the world do most of the above at least 75 percent of the time.

Simon Wordsworth, a fellow of the PGA, said: “Just in the few areas identified, the average golf venue could be losing more than £2,000-worth of revenue per week. These statistics are based on the experiences of real golfers and give a very clear picture of what is happening at golf clubs across the UK.

“Key personnel within the club, including PGA Professionals, have the ability and knowledge to treat this level of information with the respect it deserves and use it to drive positive change and improve service levels and profits both in their business or for their employing club.”


Tania Longmire
By Tania Longmire December 17, 2013 11:09
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