Vandals launch extraordinary attack on club

Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu February 28, 2014 11:09

Vandals have launched an extraordinary attack on a Devon golf club.


Boringdon Park Golf Club, where vandals have attacked the greens

At least two people used either a lorry or a 4×4 vehicle, and two knapsack sprays, to spray more than 300 litres of water mixed in with about 25 litres of a chemical weed killer, on more than half of the 18 greens at Boringdon Park Golf Club.

Boringdon Park has offered a £5,000 reward to catch the culprits. A spokesman for the club has said he thinks he knows who the vandals are – as the club had previously received threats.

The attack took place between 4am and 5am one morning in December. While 14 greens and three trees were damaged the course did not close and the greens have remained playable since, apart from a few days in early February due to heavy rainfall.

The spokesman said: “We feel we know who has carried out this act as this person has made threats only days before. However additional evidence is required for the police to convict this vindictive person to prevent them from doing it again.”

Several golf clubs have reported attacks by vandals in the last year. The two most common forms are thought to be joyriders driving onto greens and disgruntled ex employees or members wreaking revenge.


Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu February 28, 2014 11:09
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  1. Steve March 3, 12:15

    This wasn’t vandals – in my opinion the greenkeepers did it. They seemed to do exactly the same thing about a year before, which completely killed at least 9 greens.

    Maybe they did it because the greenkeepers are so incompetent that they don’t know what they are doing (which is entirely possible, as most of them seem to have no experience in agronomy or golf course maintenance and management).

    They claim it will cost “£78,000” to repair the damage, which is a specific amount, especially given their claim above that the entire course remained open for play with no apparent ill-effects from the incident. In my opinion the course is of very low quality and any profits from business and function-room hire are not invested back into it.

    It is very easy to offer a £5,000 reward if you know you will never have to pay it. And the fact that it is now over 3 months since the alleged attack happened and no response has been received when the property is completely surrounded by housing and a large hotel speaks volumes for the lack of any evidence.

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