Thieves steal clubs from disabled golfers

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams May 16, 2014 10:21

Thieves steal clubs from disabled golfers

Disabled and elderly golfers at Beedles Lake Golf Club in Leicestershire have had equipment stolen after thieves raided a shed they use.

beedles lake

Beedles Lake Golf Club in Leicestershire, where thieves stole golf equipment owned by disabled and elderly members

It is one of a series of thefts UK golf clubs have experienced in recent weeks.

The golfers at Beedles Lake store clubs and buggy batteries in a shed by the golf course for convenience. The building was raided and the thieves then damaged other equipment owned by the club, including some golf cars that they drove into a ditch.

Beedles Lake’s manager, Jon Coleman, said: “Some of the people who have been affected by this have been members of the club for many years.

“They store their equipment in this shed for convenience and they are very upset that someone has come along and broken in.

“They caused some damage breaking in and then stole some of the elderly and disabled members’ clubs and batteries from their buggies.

“Also, five of the club’s buggies were stolen and driven across the course and dumped in a ditch.

“We are also working with the police to find the people who did this to us and our members.”

It is thought the batteries will be sold for scrap.

Coleman added that “other golf clubs are experiencing similar problems, so we are encouraging people to be vigilant,” in a reference to both Kyngs Golf and Country Club also in Leicestershire and Saunton Golf Club in Devon, which have both experienced break-ins recently.

At Kyngs Golf and Country Club, vandals drove three buggies and a maintenance vehicle into a lake and caused up to £20,000-worth of damage.

They also tipped sand into petrol tanks of mowing equipment, let off fire extinguishers and smeared clubhouse walls with cake and eggs, forcing it to close for the day.

Club spokesman Nick Leatherland said: “It’s just pure malicious damage. They set off fire extinguishers and threw cakes and eggs around the clubhouse – it’s a right mess.

“They’ve also driven three buggies and a utility vehicle into the lake. It’s been about damage, not theft. We’ve had three or four waterproof suits and some designer golf bags taken from the shop. The till has been smashed but the overnight float is still in it.

“It’s pretty desperate, but this is not about theft, it’s potentially a grudge issue.

“You don’t need things like this, they’re unnecessary and malicious. Three nearly-new buggies and our utility vehicle have severe water damage and I would estimate the cost of the damage to be between £15,000 and £20,000.”

saunton golf

Saunton Golf Club in Devon, which has been hit by several thefts of petrol and confectionary in recent weeks

Saunton Golf Club has also been hit with a series of thefts since February.

At first confectionery was stolen from the golf course’s shop, then petrol was stolen from the greenkeeper’s store and then more confectionary was taken.


Emma Williams
By Emma Williams May 16, 2014 10:21
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