Durham Police chase after criminals on golf course in the club’s buggies

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams July 9, 2014 10:26

In a scene that might seem more at place in a Carry On film, Durham police have caught eight teenagers who were breaking the law by chasing them across a golf course in the club’s buggies.

kerrin smith

Superintendent Kerrin Smith. Image (and all images below) by Durham Police

Durham Police commandeered the vehicles from Beamish Park Golf Club after reports came through that teenagers were barricading a cycle path with broken branches and throwing stones at people and traffic. The path borders the golf course.

The police decided that the best way to catch the culprits would be to approach them from two directions to ensure they could not escape – but this meant some of the officers would need access via the golf course.

The officers visited the club and were given a quick lesson in how to use the buggies and then drove across the course into the woods where the teenagers were hiding.


They caught the youths and then marched them back across the golf course, before giving them a ticking off and notifying their parents.

Superintendent Kerrin Smith said: “We commandeered two golf buggies from one of the professionals and zoomed as quickly as we could – which is not very fast – down the golf course.

“It was the best use of the resources we could make at the time.


“We then used the buggies to shepherd the kids back up to where the police vans were.”


Emma Williams
By Emma Williams July 9, 2014 10:26
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  1. iSpyGolf (@ispygolfpro) July 10, 12:40

    Superb, Durham police chase youths in golf buggies!! http://t.co/Gco8TJhtCa Love the pics – last one would be better if PC had a PW in hand!

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