This is the novelty gift that has caused golf’s latest sexism storm

Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu July 2, 2014 10:07
nudie tee

The ‘Nudie Tee’ product, which has caused golf’s latest sexism storm

A tee accessory that features a naked, decapitated female body has reignited the debate that golf suffers from sexism.

The product has caused such a storm that a government adviser on abused women, who has spoken to over a thousand rape victims, has set up a petition to ban the ‘Nudie Tee’, which has already attracted thousands of signatures.

The packet of six Dunlop tees, which can be bought for £2.99 from online retailers such as eBay and Amazon, has upset Joanna Sharpen, a moderator on the government’s ‘This is Abuse’ campaign, so much that she has set up an online petition for it to be banned.

“I work in the violence against women and girls sector and I am so frustrated about these sorts of products as they help to produce a context and a society that normalises abuse of women,” she said.

“I work with victims of abuse and this really can have a huge impact.

“The mainstreaming of women as sexual objects in popular culture contributes to creating a conducive context in which violence against women and girls is normalised and accepted.

“By developing this awful product featuring decapitated naked women’s bodies, Dunlop are helping to perpetuate violence against women and girls. Of the two women a week murdered in the UK this year, two were decapitated.

“Every time a golfer hits a ball from one of these tees, they are effectively condoning abuse and making a mockery of the women who are assaulted on a daily basis as well as those who do not survive.

“We cannot understand the reasoning behind this product and call on Dunlop Sport to recognise the devastating impact of such items, to remove the product from sale immediately and to donate profits from this awful item to a domestic violence charity.”

The Guardian newspaper said it has contacted both the PR company behind the product and Dunlop, but has not had a response from either. A spokesman for the paper added: “Many thought sporting chauvinism could sink no lower. Then came the golf accessory manufactured to resemble naked, armless and decapitated female bodies.

“Few products underline the fact that golf is still largely considered a man’s game than a tee designed to look like a naked female torso. Such a small, insignificant thing that you can knock the head off it with just one swing of your big manly arms.”

Joanna Sharpen has said she has also written to Mike Ashley, the billionaire head of Dunlop UK’s parent company, to express her views.


Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu July 2, 2014 10:07
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  1. @josharpen July 3, 06:58

    Article about the petition on a golfing website!

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  2. @Teeofftimes_Rob July 3, 10:20

    Slightly over the top?!

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  3. @Bunkybowers July 3, 13:30

    Naff #golf tee upsets abuse campaigner

    It’s crap; don’t use it. end of.

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  4. nechma July 3, 13:32

    What a load of Bull….
    If ladies would tee off from a tee looking like a penis, not one man would be bothered!!!
    Probably a group of truck driver lookalikes that think their honor has been offended!!!
    Get a life for God´s sake. There are far more worse and sick things going on in the world. Why don´t you put your energy into fighting those!!!!

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  5. @Anita_Jacoby July 3, 13:39

    Sporting chauvanism sinks to new low.

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  6. BAC-937 July 3, 13:50

    Although I do not believe that a golf tee can be held up as encouraging to abusers, it does indicate the attitude of the man who would buy this product.

    This product is shameful and embarrassing and has been around for some time. I know of one seventies throw-back at our club who has played with these tees and I bet he goes home and watches his videos of Benny Hill and Alf Garnett whilst reading The Sun ….. I’ll stop my rant now !

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