Is it time you invested in a pace of play clock?

Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu November 11, 2017 08:23

The company that manufactures a world-famous swimming pool clock is offering a range of clubhouse pavilion clocks that can draw sponsors – and even attractive ‘pace of play’ timers to deal with one of golf’s biggest current issues

Established nearly 40 years ago, Sportclox has widened its horizons. In January 2018 the company will be exhibiting for the first time at the World Golf PGA Exhibition in the USA.

Sportclox manufactures excellent quality pavilion clocks that withstand all types of weather.

The clocks are made from fibreglass – so no rusting or twisting in the heat – and toughened glass lenses that protect them from the most wayward of golf balls. Many customers’ clocks have been designed and produced to commemorate special occasions such as a centenary or in memoriam of a respected club member.

The company even offers a free mock up design service.

A wide range of motor variations are available, from standard battery to 240 / 110 volts. Sportclox manufactures its clocks using the latest GPS timing technology. For totally accurate maintenance-free clocks, it can also incorporate the latest environmentally friendly solar powered technology. Installation costs are minimal and the clocks can also be back-lit for night time illumination, should you require.

Sportclox offers its pavilion clocks in many different face styles such as Roman, analogue and so on. All clocks enable you to display your club logo, corporate image or sponsor’s logo, if required.

There are also smaller first tee starter and golf pace of play timing clocks available.

Many golf and country clubs offer a range of other leisure activities. Sportclox produces clocks for the swimming pool, gym and so on. Sportclox is also the manufacturer of the renowned ‘Speedo Pace Clock’ found in 95 per cent of all swimming pools.

Please visit its website to view its extensive range of pavilion clubhouse clocks, or contact the company to discuss your timing needs.



Tel: +44 0333 7000110


Jenny Yu
By Jenny Yu November 11, 2017 08:23
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  1. neil November 17, 00:19

    Although having a pace of play clock would add an interesting feature to a round it would only tell us what we already know: that Mr. Divot is slower than everyone else.
    Slow play in itself is not a problem- but a slow player holding others up is!
    We need a chess type push button on the clock that games press as they reach the tee. .Then it could register how long Mr Divot held up the following game(s) without letting them through.

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