Historic Scottish golf club closes down

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 21, 2019 05:21

A 126-year-old golf club on the outskirts of Glasgow has closed down.

The Eastwood Golf Club has, like many golf clubs in Scotland in recent years, seen its membership fall and, crucially, a planned buyout has fallen through.

According to The Scotsman, an administrator was set to be appointed ‘after the Renfrewshire club effectively run out of money to keep it in existence.’

It added: ‘It is believed that a buyout had been in the pipeline, but that fell through last week, leaving a club that was founded in 1893 on the brink of closure.’

“Things have taken a turn for the worse and an administrator is coming in,” said a source.

Earlier this year the club held an open day to try and attract new members. It has been updating its social media accounts as recently as this weekend and, at the time of going to press, its website was still operational and was accepting tee time bookings – but only up until Tuesday, May 21.

A handful of Scottish clubs have been closed down over the past few years, the most recent being Carrick Knowe in Edinburgh and Brunston Castle in Ayrshire.

It also recently introduced gender-neutral tees, which were aimed at allowing golfers to play from a set of tees most suited to their ability, not their gender.

“We hope we are one of the first of many golf clubs who will make this positive step to enshrining gender equality at the heart of club golf,” said a post on the club’s Facebook page.

By the weekend of May 18-19, the club’s website confirmed that the course had closed.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 21, 2019 05:21
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  1. Stephen May 17, 07:48

    Sadly indicative of the challenges the club game faces in Scotland today. Change can only be brought about through sound investment at grassroots level and broadening horizons

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  2. Peter May 17, 10:58

    Sad to see ! Likely held on to traditions too long without a sound strategic vision ! Older clubs and leadership have a difficult time letting go ! What they have to learn is, effective change only comes about when the past serves as the framework and basis for new creative ideas !

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  3. Kris May 20, 11:25

    Disappointing but too many clubs refusing to modernise and attempt to attract new young people to the game.

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  4. Pete USA May 23, 11:54

    Just shorten the courses 40% making them play to a quicker 2 – 3 hour round, add the new “Hybrid” MD golf ball designed for the full golf round in half the time…then more people will play.
    It’s the time, cost & difficulty/frustration that’s killing the game, so just economize the golf course size.

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  5. Donald May 27, 18:03

    Looking at membership fees, it is not surprising I’m afraid.

    Few people would be able to justify or afford £1,000 for a year. I am a member of 2 clubs (one on a country basis) and combined pay less than that.

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  6. mygolfdays June 12, 20:40

    I wish folks would stop saying Carrick knowe has closed.
    Carrick Knowe Golf Club was a social club only, affiliated to Carrick Knowe Golf Course which is owned and operated by Edinburgh Leisure.

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  7. dudawelder June 12, 23:00

    I was country member at Eastwood golf club and was not
    informed that the club was closed or in difficulty
    Perhaps that is indicative of how it was operating

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  8. Mark June 21, 19:15

    Very sad but really “gender-neutral tees” what is the world coming too ?

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  9. Scoon July 8, 05:46

    Lack of real loyalty from ” Members ” has seen the demise of Clubs # Shame, however, REALITY bites hard and 4 and a Half hour rounds do not help !!

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  10. Douglas August 21, 12:03

    The city suburban courses that have closed in recent years have been hilly [Lothianburn and Torphin Hill, Edinburgh] or in the case of Eastwood undulating, a bit damp in places, too many trees reducing wind drying and located on the edge of Fenwick Moor with weather issues that reduce the number of days that the course can be played. Memberships are not cheap in the Glasgow suburban belt and if you are an occasional golfer prepared to do drive there are more sustainable options elsewhere.

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  11. Douglas August 24, 01:31

    What is the current status of Eastwood Golf Club? The 16th green was surprisingly cut at the beginning of August as was a practice green but the rest of the course is now becoming very overgrown. 4 inches or so of grass growth on the practice putting green and the first tee. Some lights were on in the clubhouse tonight as were the security lighting but there was no sign of life. Can we assume that the course is now lost?

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