Cheshire police warn of forged golf union cards

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir October 18, 2011 13:43

Cheshire police warn of forged golf union cards

The Cheshire Union of Golf Clubs (CUGC) has become aware that forgeries of discount cards have been in circulation and in use at Cheshire clubs. The CUGC has over 100 affiliated clubs with about 40,000 registered members.

“For the benefit of those members and, in conjunction with its affiliated clubs, the CUGC runs a scheme that permits members to play on any Cheshire course for half of the published green fee.

“Any member who wishes to participate in the scheme can purchase an association card from the CUGC via their home club.

“Thousands of genuine cards have been issued to clubs,” said a spokesman for the CUGC.

One of these cards was found on Conway GC in north Wales and was returned to the club named on the card. The club immediately contacted the CUGC after it confirmed the named person on the card was not a member of their club and that the club stamp used was an old one which had been stolen from them some time ago.

Once aware of this fact, Stephen wrote to all affiliated clubs alerting them, together with photographs of the forgeries. One week later the CUGC received two separate calls; the first from Wallasey GC and the second from Eaton GC. Two forged cards had been offered at Wallasey and had been spotted by the professional staff. The offenders made good their escape but the cards were retained by the golf club. At this point, the CUGC reported this to the Cheshire Constabulary as a crime. Soon after a call was received from Eaton GC in Chester stating that three cards had been offered and the three people were currently on the golf course. Cheshire Constabulary was contacted and two officers met the CUGC secretary at the course.

The three offenders were confronted, their cards were identified as forgeries and they were immediately arrested. The case is currently ongoing.

The forged cards have different types of staples, serial number type faces, a forged secretary’s signature, poorer quality lines and in one case, an incorrect postcode on the club stamp.

“The CUGC treat this matter with the utmost seriousness and will prosecute anyone found in possession of a forged card. The CUGC are very grateful to the clubs involved for their prompt action and vigilance in this matter and would wish to thank them,” said the spokesman.

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir October 18, 2011 13:43
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  1. Alan Smart December 16, 16:51

    Martyn – it was a few months back now and I believe the cards have not been spotted for a while. I heard the culprits got caught

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  2. Martyn Senior December 16, 16:35

    As the County Card is now accepted all over England have the other counties been informed?
    was the fraud just by this small group or was it more widespread?
    Would like to know

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