Golf club left with £100k bill after horses rampage over course

Martyn Clapham
By Martyn Clapham April 14, 2015 10:07

Calverley Golf and Country Club in Yorkshire has been left with a £100,000 bill after several loose horses ran over the course.

The extraordinary incident has happened so many times that local newspaper the Telegraph & Argus has reported that the police have been called amid suspicions that a fence bordering the golf club has been deliberately cut.

horses squeezyboy

Image by Flickr user Squeezyboy

“We keep repairing the fencing but someone keeps cutting it to either encourage or push the horses through – it’s criminal damage and it’s got to stop,” said head greenkeeper Paul Brown.

Three out of the club’s 18 holes were severely damaged by hooves, leading to comparisons between the golf course and a racecourse.

Brown said: “It’s no good to anyone like that. It looks more like Wetherby racecourse than a golf course.

“There can be as many as 15 horses at one time but usually it’s seven or eight of them. Sometimes it’s happening three or four times a day. We keep reporting the fencing is being cut to police but they haven’t been doing anything to help.”

Club staff believe they have managed to trace the horses back to a nearby field, which is rented out.

The golf club’s commercial manager, Paul Fennelly, said the club had been in touch with the owners of the field, who had asked for proof that the horses had strayed from their land.

Fennelly said: “We’re not going to be the golfer’s first choice with a course like that. It could shut us down, we’ve got about 600 members but if they can’t get a full round in they won’t want to stay and we won’t get any new members. We can’t keep paying out for repairs for fencing someone is causing deliberately.”

Inspector Dan Wood added: “We are liaising with the golf club over these incidents of criminal damage and are taking their concerns very seriously.

“The matter is currently under investigation and we will be carrying out enquiries to trace the person responsible for these horses so we can take appropriate action. We have also made a referral to our crime reduction officers who will be advising the club on what measures it can put in place to help avoid any further incidents.”


Martyn Clapham
By Martyn Clapham April 14, 2015 10:07
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  1. David John Wicks April 14, 10:20

    Thats aweful

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