Golf club dealing with media storm over breastfeeding comments

Rosemary Ayim
By Rosemary Ayim July 24, 2015 06:39 Updated

A golf club in Leicestershire has become the latest to deal with a national media storm after three members resigned and another has been suspended because of comments about a breastfeeding mother.

The story, which has been widely reported across the national media and has, for example, received more than 500 comments alone on the MailOnline website, is that an unnamed woman at Whetstone Golf Club complained to a member of staff when she heard a female member say ‘that’s put me right off my food’ as she breastfed her baby in the clubhouse.

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The club’s committee then investigated the issue, which led to two female members resigning in protest.

A third woman has been suspended and is facing a disciplinary hearing while her husband, who is also a member, has resigned.

One of the women who resigned said: “It was a storm in a teacup really. The comment was not directed at the mother with the child or her group. She got very upset.

“I am a mother and grandmother and have nothing against breastfeeding.

“It is about decorum. She could have turned her back to us or gone in the locker room for some privacy. The mother was just yards away and facing everyone in the clubhouse. It was almost a deliberately provocative move.”

She admitted to saying “gosh, are we running a creche?” when the three women returned to the clubhouse after playing a round of golf and saw a group of six women with children inside, but it has not been confirmed who made the food comment.

The suspended woman said: “The woman who breastfed her child did not have a bra on. She just lifted her t-shirt. The women complained to the club and we were suspended.

“I am fighting this action by the club as I did not speak to any of these women at all. I am not resigning. I am going to fight this. I have done nothing wrong.”

Under the Equality Act, which came into force in 2010, women cannot be discriminated against for breastfeeding in public.

The story comes as the BBC has apologised for Peter Alliss’ comments about Zach Johnson’s wife, which many perceived as sexist, during the Open Championship. He stated: “She is probably thinking, if this goes in I get a new kitchen,” regarding the prize money that Johnson secured when he holed his winning putt.

It also comes as Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has called for a sustained drive towards prize-money parity at the country’s two Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Opens.

Whetstone is not the first golf club to deal with a media storm this year. Chelsfield Lakes Golf Centre in Kent had a sensation on its hands when the media revealed it had suspended one of its greenkeepers after he allowed a neighbouring animal sanctuary to take some of its irrigation water in an emergency.


Rosemary Ayim
By Rosemary Ayim July 24, 2015 06:39 Updated
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  1. pinny July 30, 15:48

    And here we are trying to grow the game,. This one story will just concrete the image of a game for stuff old men. Time for golf to grow up or die.

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  2. 1432fpchero July 24, 23:40

    stupid pommies

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