UK’s first ever footgolf resort opens in the UK

Rosemary Ayim
By Rosemary Ayim September 7, 2015 15:07

The seemingly unstoppable rise of footgolf in the UK has reached another milestone with an Oxfordshire venue becoming the first resort in the UK to open a course specifically for the hybrid sporting mix of football and golf.

Heythrop Park Resort, on the edge of the Cotswolds, has custom-built the nine-hole footgolf course on an area not previously used for golf, which is adjacent to the championship Bainbridge Course, and winds through a heavily-wooded area.


Jamie Cook, assistant pro at Heythrop Park Resort, on the new footgolf course

The resort’s new footgolf course is open seven days a week, and is playable during daylight hours from £7.50 for the nine holes for adults.

“We’re proud to be the first golf resort to offer footgolf in the UK,” said Tim Good, who is golf, leisure and spa director at Heythrop Park Resort. “We are certainly one of the grandest settings for footgolf.

“We have over 300 hotel rooms on site, and we anticipate that many of our residential guests, many of whom will be there on business, will enjoy footgolf as a relaxing and fun additional attraction to their stay, along with our golf, spa and leisure facilities.

“But the majority of footgolf will be played by people from surrounding towns such as Banbury, Chipping Norton, Bicester and Oxford, who are keen to play this new sport, which is sweeping the nation.”

The footgolf course at Heythrop Park was co-designed by UK FootGolf’s head of development, Gareth May, and the sport’s 2014 Order Of Merit champion, Ben Clarke.

“Heythrop Park has enabled us to pass another landmark,” said Gareth May. “It is a spectacular place, and as well as its current status as the UK’s only golf resort offering footgolf, it is also only the second golf club in Oxfordshire to offer our sport. We are sure that it will be very popular here.

“The footgolf course here was purpose-built through a wooded area at Heythrop Park, and it is a technical course which requires a degree of footgolf skill – although it will be great fun for all standards of player. There are some interesting dog-leg holes, and it requires more precision than power!”

Footgolf courses are generally shorter than golf courses, but the holes themselves are considerably larger. Size five footballs and 21-inch cups replace normal golf balls and holes, while hole distances range from about 45 to 100 yards. Just as in golf, players attempt to get the ball into the hole in as few shots as possible but, unlike golf, the human body provides the only permissible equipment: namely, your feet.


Rosemary Ayim
By Rosemary Ayim September 7, 2015 15:07
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  1. Peter Kook October 22, 17:16

    What are the chances of footgolf being introduced at Wentworth do you think?

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  2. GolfSec September 7, 17:56

    While I commend those using footgolf to boost their income, and as a way to enable them to maintain their golf courses, footgolf aficionados are highly unlikely to take the step across to golf. The commitment to golf and outlay from a financial perspective is worlds apart from that involved in footgolf. It is laudable to come up with ways in which to try and encourage more people into golf, however, this is not one of them.

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