Is this the world’s longest serving PGA professional?

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams June 17, 2016 17:05

Following on from our article earlier this month about the longest serving member ever at one club, another British golf club believes it might have the longest serving club professional in the world.


Fred Private in March 2014, at the past captain’s dinner. Holding the Hutchins Trophy, the club championship, won by Henry Cotton in 1923

Aquarius Golf Club in London’s PGA professional, Fred Private, has worked continually at the club for a staggering 52 years.


Fred’s honorary membership of the PGA

Perhaps even more amazingly he didn’t start working at the club until a full ten years after turning professional.

“Reading the article made me wonder,” asked Jim Halliday, secretary of  Aquarius, “do we at the Aquarius Golf Club, have the longest serving PGA professional?


Fred with this year’s captains at the drive in. He is to the left of the captain in the green jacket.

“Our pro Fred Private was appointed assistant pro in 1964, made the professional in 1967. At 85, he is still teaching at our club today. He captained the Kent PGA in 1971 and is now an honorary member PGA.

“There can’t be many who have served longer.”

The question has been asked after we revealed that a nonagenarian Norfolk golfer has broken the world record for the longest running golf club membership ever.

Geoffrey Crosskill has been certified by Guinness as a world record holder for the amount of time he has been at Eaton Golf Club – 82 years and 18 days.

Do you know of any PGA professional who has worked at the same golf club continually for more than 52 years? If so, please leave his or her details in the comments section below.


Emma Williams
By Emma Williams June 17, 2016 17:05
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  1. Jaykay. December 11, 22:44

    Howard Kramer from Lancaster, PA USA has been at the same resort since it opening in 1965. When the resort opened it was the Lancaster Host Golf Resort and is currently known as the Lancaster Wyndham. He has been a PGA card carrying member since before 1965 to this current day. Presently he is still the Golf Professional at this resort. That would be 55 years and counting.

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  2. EHB - St Andrews May 17, 15:13

    My Great Uncle from Troon was Assistant to Willie Fernie (Open Champion 1883 ) and he went to Royal Portugal in August 1897. He died in post in 1951 so did 54 years as Pro. He would have been 24 when he went. I have visited Porthcawl who thought he started in 1899 but I have established that there was a Pro before him, unknown to Club officials. But they now accept the date in in local papers in 1897. So their Centenerary history book needs updated.

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  3. s August 9, 02:24

    I was fortunate enough to have been coached by this man for a few years at Aquarius GC, when I was 10-13 years old. I have never forgotten the things he taught me and when I’m asked who taught me to play and I tell them Fred Private, lets just say his name carries the weight He was a brilliant teacher, he took the time to actually explain the shots angle and possible trajectory , reading the green and Etiquette.
    Because of this man, I’ve never forgotten how to hold the club. Thank you Fred for everything you taught me in my early years.

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  4. Gary November 22, 21:53

    My Grandfather became professional at Evesham GC at the age of 16. He was still the professional when he died 85. He managed the course during WW2 with the help of Russian prisoners. A humble man who was interviewed by Peter Allows for Golf Monthly just before he dies.

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    • Nick September 1, 08:47

      Gary, Please can you tell me your grandfather’s name, and if you have any evidence that he was the head professional there continuously for 69 years as I cannot find any other reference to the professional at Evesham holding this record. Thanks

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