Number of golfers with a smartphone doubles in 4 years

Martyn Clapham
By Martyn Clapham October 6, 2016 13:30

A survey of how people use the internet has found that 90 per cent of golfers now have a smartphone, meaning the number has doubled in just four years.

It also found that three in four golfers own a tablet computer – up from just over one in two, two years earlier.

The Golfshake poll of 4,600 golfers found that nearly two thirds of golfers aged 30 to 50 use their phone for golfing purposes.


“The recent increase in adoption of smartphones and tablets means that it is now key for golf clubs and golf businesses to have an online presence when looking to reach new customers,” said a spokesman.

Further evidence of the importance of the need for a comprehensive digital presence is indicated by data showing that 80 per cent of golfers stated that they read reviews online when looking where to play and 77 per cent access golf course news and information on golf portals. More than a third of those surveyed stated that they regularly accessed golf news on large media websites such as the BBC and 49 per cent said that they regularly access golf news via television coverage.

Online tee time bookings are up by 23 per cent in the past two years with 71 per cent of all golfers surveyed saying that they had used an online club booking system or a third party tee time provider.

Golfers looking to improve are also turning to the latest technology with 76 per cent of golfers surveyed watching tuition on YouTube or other online services and websites. A total of 17 per cent had used golf tech hardware to aid game improvement such as wearable devices.


“Embracing technology, particularly online digital channels, can provide a great opportunity for golf clubs and golf businesses to reach a growing audience. In addition the rise of social media means that businesses can connect and engage directly with a highly relevant audience to drive not only awareness, but also sales,” he added.

A survey four years prior to this poll found that less than half of UK golfers owned a smartphone.

Martyn Clapham
By Martyn Clapham October 6, 2016 13:30
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  1. _CloudVentures October 8, 13:42

    Good article! I’ve noticed the first thing most golfers do upon entering the clubhouse/bar, post game, is reach for their mobile and check for voice mail, text, emails and review social media.
    What’s really interesting is older Golfers appear to be as addicted to their mobile device as the younger members!
    This all points to the opportunity for Golf Clubs to enable their Members with a dynamic Application to provide booking, course info, events and even all them to use ApplePay enabled on their phone. Its already happening in other markets, esp. in premier league Rugby and Football using Apps to allow you to order drinks and pay.

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