Heather is first female manager in this golf club’s history

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 27, 2017 12:01

A Hampshire golf club has become the latest to appoint a woman as its boss for the first time in its history.

Heather Tubb has been named as the new general manager of Cams Hall Estate Golf Club.

The game of golf is traditionally male-dominated with less than 15 per cent of participants in the UK being female, but there has been less research on the proportion of women who work in the golf industry.

Heather Tubb

Analysis by this magazine in 2007 found that there were approximately six times as many men managing golf clubs as women, although in recent years a number of clubs have appointed women as managers for the first time.

Southampton-born Tubb, 49, is still one of only a handful of women running a golf club in Hampshire.

The 25-year-old Cams Hall Estate is a 27-hole waterside venue surrounded by the north-western reaches of Portsmouth Harbour. Tubb is a familiar face among members at the picturesque club, having been part of the management team there since 2007.

She brings over 22 years’ experience in golf and hotel management to the role, in a career which has taken her to a variety of venues including Abbotsley Golf Hotel in Cambridgeshire, where she was assistant manager.

Heather has a simple piece of advice for those looking to succeed in a hospitality career.

“Be a people person,” she said. “It may sound like a cliché, but in my case it’s true. I am definitely not one of those managers who hides behind a desk! I think it’s far better to be visible, dealing with things face-to-face – especially at a busy club like Cams Hall.

“Apart from the sporting aspect, people come to golf clubs these days for all sorts of reasons – for parties, to meet friends, enjoy a Sunday lunch or maybe as an alternative place for a work meeting.

“Both at Cams Hall and across all Crown Golf clubs, we’re striving to make golf more welcoming and inclusive for people from all walks of life. That’s now my responsibility here.”

Heather, whose husband Jonathan also manages a golf club for Crown Golf, is looking forward to the next 15 months at the club.

“We are growing women’s golf rapidly here, and we are proud that we have one of the largest ladies’ sections in Hampshire. We’ll be working hard to make the club even more family-friendly as we approach our official 25th anniversary in October 2018, including a drive to increase our junior section.”

Alison Root, editor of UK golf magazine Women & Golf, said: “There is a growing number of females holding senior positions at golf clubs and why shouldn’t there be? All these ladies, including Heather, are clearly very good at their jobs. It’s taken a while, given that we are in the 21st century, but this is just another example of how barriers are continuing to be broken down and how the game is becoming more inclusive to women throughout the whole industry.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 27, 2017 12:01
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  1. Susan Irvin September 20, 02:24

    Massive well done to Heather!!

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  2. JOHN April 27, 11:48

    Good one.keep sharing new stuff

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  3. Elizabeth September 6, 11:08

    Women’s golf is becoming more and more popular! That’s a great news because I’m sure the women will reach a great success in this field.

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  4. Amanda July 31, 13:04

    Well done Heather Tubb, what a fantastic step in the right direction. I’d love to hear how you’re managing to grow your ladies membership.

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  5. Miklos July 27, 17:02

    I also mentioned her in one of my latest post where I explained the benefits of a diverse workforce in golf clubs and resort. Unfortunately, only 20% of GCMA’s active members are women: http://www.golfbusinessmonitor.com/golf-business/2017/07/diverse-golf-club-workforce-challenges.html

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  6. Vivien Saunders July 27, 16:47

    Well done Cams Hall and Heather Tubb. Heather managed Abbotsley in conjunction with her husband, Jonathan, when I leased Abbotsley to American Golf/Crown Golf. She was excellent and methodical and a pleasure for us to have on site.

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