This is why Cardiff is the best city in the UK to play golf

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 1, 2017 08:38

Cardiff has been named the best UK city to golf in, according to research that examined average cost per round, number of courses available, how easy it is to play them and even the weather.

Online Golf says the Welsh capital came out partly because it has the least busy courses in the country, with only 140 golfers to each of its 39 clubs.

“The city also boasts fantastic value for money, with golfers in the city able to get around 35 rounds of golf from the average person’s weekly disposable income in the city (£625), at just £18 per round, compared to an average of £23 in Belfast. Edinburgh topped the value list with 41 games per disposable income,” said a spokesman.

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The study also found that:

  • Newcastle’s golf courses had the cheapest cost per round, at just £16.41
  • London was the worst value for money, with the average resident only able to afford 13 games from their disposable income at £22.60 per round
  • London also has the most crowded courses, with over 1,300 people for every club.
  • In London, you have only a 30 per cent chance of being rained off the course, compared to 53 per cent across the border in Glasgow. While London has the most non-rainy days, the proportion of those days with the sun shining was actually the lowest at 23 per cent, compared to Cardiff’s 30 per cent chance of a dry, sunny round.

The top 10 cities to play golf in the UK:

  1. Cardiff
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Newcastle
  4. Birmingham
  5. Leeds
  6. Liverpool
  7. London
  8. Manchester
  9. Belfast
  10. Glasgow

Craig Booking, head of digital marketing and development at Online Golf commented: “Right now is a very exciting time for golf in the UK. With some of our pros coming in to the form of their lives and participation numbers starting to see some positive signs. Cardiff has some fantastic facilities, with courses like Cardiff Golf Club in the city and others like Celtic Manor only a short drive away in Newport, so it’s no surprise it’s such a fantastic place to develop as a golfer.”

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 1, 2017 08:38
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  1. Adrian July 6, 16:49

    What a dreadful piece of research that is? Don’t you have anything better to write about.
    Best does not equal cheap. Cardiff has no golf courses good enough for the Top 300 in the UK. South Wales has some of the worst weather in the UK and last time I checked Cardiff was still in South Wales.

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  2. George Gunnery July 6, 16:34

    Surely the Wirral has more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else. I think there is about 18 courses.

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