Scottish Golf calls on members to support changes

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 13, 2017 06:18

Scottish Golf chief executive Blane Dodds is urging members to support changes to the governing body’s financial structure that he believes will create much needed and significant investment to the grassroots game in Scotland. Investment which as Dodds says will be “reinvested back into the clubs, areas, counties and programmes to develop growth in the game that everyone will benefit from.”

Having spent a year in post following his appointment by the new board of Scottish Golf last August, Dodds has been challenging some of the traditional ways of thinking to bring about positive change within the sport. Tasked with delivering a new four-year strategy for the organisation to address a downturn in clubs and membership, Dodds embarked on a consultation with members and partners.

Blane Dodds, CEO Scottish Golf and Stephen McAlister, former European Tour winner. © Craig Watson

One of the major topics up for debate in clubhouses up and down the country is the national affiliation fee, which currently stands at £11.25 per adult member; this is one of the lowest per capita charge among European golfing bodies. Scottish Golf believes a change in the way the fee is administered and an increase would help alter perceptions of how the funds are being invested to grow the game and also generate significant funds to be invested for all to benefit.

Dodds added: “The important issue here is that we can generate significantly more funds than currently being invested and we have identified areas that will generate significant commercial return to increase investment and deliver sustained growth.” Dodds refers to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that Scottish Golf suggests is necessary to “unlock the potential of Scotland’s largest sports membership”.

He said: “Having met with my counterparts across the world in recent months, we’re one of the few countries who don’t operate this type of system, so we’re falling behind. A CRM system can be a fantastic tool for clubs and ultimately save them money on what they’re currently spending on software licenses with their current providers. If we invest our resources in this platform, we’ll remove the financial burden from the clubs, but add more benefit and income for all in the process. This additional income will be invested back into clubs, areas, counties, coaching and programmes to deliver the growth that we all want.”

With the consultation process concluding this month with the collation of stakeholder feedback, representatives from clubs, areas and counties will be invited to attend a special general meeting, to be scheduled for November, at which they’ll vote on the proposals.

Blane Dodds. Pic Kenny Smith, Kenny Smith Photography

Dodds said: “The time is now to make a change. If we don’t then the same performance and lack of investment will be the drivers over the coming years. I want to ensure that the years of under investment and lack of growth is reversed so that we all can benefit from a successful, growing sport so important to the culture and communities of Scotland.“

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Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 13, 2017 06:18
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  1. Tucky August 24, 16:17

    The best way to get more investment into the game both for Scotland and GB & I is to put pressure on the R & A to invest/spend some of their enormous excess funds/reserves (which are increasing exponentially each year under their broadcasting etc deals associated with the Open (British!)) on golf in the home countries.

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