Grandfather recounts amazing story of how his life was saved on the golf course

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 23, 2018 16:03

A 77-year-old man who suffered a heart attack on a Dorset golf course has detailed how his life was miraculously saved.

Barry Duxbury was playing at Parley Golf Centre when he waved at another golfer, David Price, to play through due to his slow play. However, Price declined the offer as he was also playing slowly.

That decision probably ended up saving Duxbury’s life.

On the spot where Barry collapsed: (l-r) David Price, Barry Duxbury, Colin Cox and Daryl Dampney

A little later Price saw Duxbury strike a magnificent drive up the middle of the fairway and then set off after it along with his playing partner Colin Cox. When he next looked over, Duxbury was face down on the fairway.

Amazingly, Price had just been on a ‘Heartstart’ first aid course. He rushed to him and was able to put the new skills he had learned into action and began CPR while his playing partner Kelvin Holmes called 999.

Price worked on Duxbury for 15 minutes before the paramedics arrived and took over, and got Cox to help him because the physical effort was so great.

The type of heart attack Duxbury had was so severe that the vast majority of victims do not survive, and of those that do, most suffer brain damage. However, Duxbury made a full recovery in hospital.

The first thing he did on being discharged was buy a defibrillator which he donated to the club opposite Bournemouth Airport.

Barry Duxbury – back playing golf after a major heart attack on the first tee.

The grandfather of two, a retired shop proprietor, said: “The last thing I remember is walking towards the tee.

“The next thing I recall is waking up in hospital and being told what had happened.

“I can’t thank David, Colin and Kelvin enough because without them I wouldn’t be here.

“The doctors told me that only four per cent of people survive what happened to me, and of that four per cent the majority are brain damaged.

“Parley is a wonderful, friendly club and I’ve had so much support and kind messages.

“As soon as I was able I was back in the driving range, on the practice area and playing the new course.

“I also went out and bought a defibrillator – which hopefully will never be needed.

“My only regret is that I have no memory of the tee shot which I’m told was brilliant.”

Price, 69, said: “I remember Barry waving myself and Kelvin through but we are quite slow and were in no hurry so I declined.

“Then Barry hit a fantastic tee shot, right down the middle of the fairway – the best shot he’d hit in months apparently. He set off after it with his partner Colin.

“As I set my ball down I looked up and saw Barry face down. I rushed over to him and his glasses had cut his face and he wasn’t breathing.

“Luckily I had been on a British Heart Foundation Heartstart course two weeks before so I did what I had learned and cleared the airways and started CPR.

“I found it very difficult to keep up so Colin helped me and Kelvin was on the phone relaying the information from the emergency services. It was a real team effort.

“The paramedics arrived and were so glad that we were doing something. They then took over and got a defibrillator and worked on him for another 15 minutes on the grass, then another 15 minutes in the ambulance.

“If Kelvin and I had gone ahead of Barry we wouldn’t have seen him collapse. And if I hadn’t been on the Heartstart course I wouldn’t have known what to do, and certainly wouldn’t have had the confidence to try anything.

“Straight afterwards Kelvin and his wife booked themselves on a course and I would recommend it to everyone. It is literally a life saver.”

Daryl Dampney, manager of the pay-and-play course, said: “We are so grateful for David, Colin and Kelvin for saving Barry.

“And we’re grateful to Barry for the defibrillator; we are planning to run some courses here so our staff and members can learn how to use it what to do if something similar happens.”

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 23, 2018 16:03
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