Here’s the top three things I learnt about the golf industry in February

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 25, 2019 03:33

The Golf Business editor Alistair Dunsmuir discusses the two greatest things in the world – dogs and beer – and why they’ve both played a role in the industry in the last month.

Ignore irresponsible dog owners at your peril

At least a couple of golf clubs have been so bothered by reckless behaviour that they’ve decided to broadcast their concerns to their local community.

Both clubs have reported fouling on their courses, and at one the situation has become so bad that trespassers have put themselves at risk of being hit by balls, fencing has been vandalised, dog owners have been aggressive towards golfers and club staff, and even a deer had to be put down after it was attacked by two dogs.

How widespread a problem is irresponsible dog owners?

Golf clubs call on dog owners to be more responsible

The industry is standing up to those who mock it

The media likes to mock golf and, for example, has derided golf course management diplomas for years without the industry doing much to defend them, but maybe that is changing.

Various publications ridiculed Derby council in February for spending £2,400 on a golf strategy for its municipal courses. John Ashworth, chairman of Golf Business International, however, defended the council, saying it ‘should be praised for engaging outside expertise in order to provide the best possible return for both its taxpayers and golfers’.

John Ashworth

Not only was it a welcome voice to add to the story but the Local Government Association joined in – echoing Ashworth’s comments.

Media slammed for criticising golf consultants

Free beer can save golf

Is there anything free beer can’t improve? If slow play is a reason why some golfers don’t offer more of their custom then this could be the solution.

A Portuguese golf resort offered free beer to golfers for up to one hour and 45 minutes after they teed off in a recent nine-hole competition.

It proved to be a total success – the winning team finished their round in a staggering 45 minutes.

Free beer for golfers works in war v slow play


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 25, 2019 03:33
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  1. Sarah March 1, 12:22

    Haha Alistair- in no particular order I assume!

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  2. James February 28, 12:12

    Ha ha – free beer is enough to get almost everyone moving!

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  3. wayne February 28, 08:19

    Hi Alistair, I met with Antonio at Palmares in the Western Algarve earlier this month and I brought up this story about free beer for faster play at his course. He gave me good insight on it and I enjoyed his perspective. People were leaving balls and some running to quench their thirst with suds. Interesting to see if others take up this philosophy…

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