England Golf CEO Nick Pink named as new CEO of England Hockey

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 7, 2019 07:21

The chief executive of England Golf, and regular contributor to The Golf Business, Nick Pink, has been named as the new chief executive of England Hockey.

Pink will succeed Sally Munday, who is moving to UK Sport. He will join the organisation in late autumn.

He has been head of the governing body for amateur golf in England since 2016 and during that time has delivered a number of successful programmes aimed at boosting golf participation, including Get into golf, Golf Express and Girls Golf Rocks.

In his latest regular column with The Golf Business, published this week, he discussed the recent announcement that all members of affiliated clubs now have personal liability insurance coverage.

In their own words: Nick Pink

Of his appointment, Pink said: “I am delighted to be joining England Hockey at this very exciting time and I can’t wait to start. I have been hugely impressed with what the organisation has achieved through Sally’s leadership and I look forward to working with the whole team, as well as the many clubs, counties, players, coaches and volunteers who make hockey so successful at every level.”

Chair of England Hockey, Royston Hoggarth, added: “The board and I are very pleased to welcome Nick to the team. He joins us at a really exciting time, a year out from the Tokyo Olympic Games. The sport of hockey is in a fantastic place to continue to grow. We have doubled the number of young people in our clubs; hosted major tournaments including the Vitality Hockey Women’s World Cup last year and, more recently, welcomed more than 12,000 people to The Stoop in June for the last games of this year’s FIH Pro League to witness a new innovation in ‘Big Stadium Hockey’ with our drop-in pitch technology.”

A statement from England Hockey added: ‘Nick joins England Hockey with a wealth of experience in the sports sector. He is currently chief executive of England Golf where he has successfully launched their new strategy prior to which he spent four years with the International Cricket Council. In the earlier part of his career Nick held roles with UK Sport and Youth Sport Trust. A keen sportsman, Nick is a hockey enthusiast as both a player and a qualified coach.’


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 7, 2019 07:21
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  1. deejaym August 8, 13:43


    Hopping from one quango to another


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  2. Richard August 8, 12:28

    Lots of quotes and statements from England Hockey but where are the thoughts of England Golf?? After all, this is an article on a golf site NOT a hockey site…..

    A shame there is no continuity at this challenging time for golf but Good Luck to Nick….

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  3. John August 7, 11:53

    I wish you well Nick although I hoped you would have stayed longer.

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  4. Tim August 5, 12:03

    England Golf not doing great with continuity of CEO over the past x years. Surely if you are going to grow the game there needs to be some security and stability in the leadership?

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    • Pam August 7, 08:50

      As someone who has worked at England Golf before the board decided to make redundant half of their on the ground staff, the organisation is sinking. It doesn’t help having geriatric union secretary members who are only out for themselves, especially in the South and Yorkshire. It doesn’t need someone with a lifelong passion for the game. It needs someone to sort the pathetic unions out and stop them running this sport into the ground. Nick unfortunately was a puppet for the board. When you reduce the staff on the ground visiting clubs and giving them guidance and direction of course the sport will suffer.

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      • John August 8, 13:42

        I could not agree more with Pam. The whole structure and governance of England Golf needs to be completely changed and modernised. The previous CEO tried very hard indeed to do that and failed and as a consequence quit. I suspect Nick has had a similarly unrewarding experience. The sport IS suffering and will only continue on the downward spiral until a complete structural and governance overhaul is implemented soon.

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  5. Jerry August 3, 14:13

    Such a shame – Nick is a good man. But I believe this was inevitable. The last two EG CEOs came from running other sports, not from Golf. The Board surely must now appoint someone from within the golf industry.

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    • James August 3, 15:09

      Absolutely Jerry, we need a person with a life long passion for golf.

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    • John August 4, 06:22

      Absolutely,could not agree more!

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    • Tim August 5, 12:05

      Jerry 100% I fundamentally do not believe the role can be completely fulfilled without an absolute passion for the game. There are others with skills that can also fill the role but just like individuals, unless it’s a true passion it’s just work. Golf deserves the best shot going forward.

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    • John August 7, 11:56

      It needs to be the right person with the right skills who is committed to golf. There are plenty that meet the requirement if they are willing to do it.

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      • Jerry August 9, 06:16

        good to hear from you John – hope all is well with you. The big question is, will the England Golf Board be bold enough to pick someone who has the bottle to take on the Counties?

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        • John August 9, 08:25

          Quite a challenge but necessary. After the merger, if had I stayed, the next line would have been the clubs and counties. The counties represent the clubs so it is important that the clubs make sure they do represent them. There is a tendency for the county representatives to represent only a section of the clubs, but that is because many clubs see the counties as irrelevant. They are not. The county unions and associations ARE England Gold therefore the voting members have real power. People like you and e.g. Goodwood need to be on the Board, not just the traditional clubs. It is a very good job (CEO) for the right person and it does need to be someone with a passion for golf; not necessarily a good golfer. It needs a business brain that understands the challenges facing the clubs. Be under no illusions, Brexit will not help and neither would a Corbyn government.

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          • Jerry August 9, 11:18

            Written by someone who knows the issues. Well said…

    • Tim August 9, 11:17

      as you say – This could only work with the support of the board.

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  6. John August 3, 07:42

    A less lofted more compact place! Every success to you Nick!

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