Leading Scottish venue can sell alcohol to American golfers while they’re playing

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 12, 2020 06:10

One of the greatest golfing venues in the world has been given permission to sell alcohol on its course from a golf cart.

Fife Licensing Board has given its approval to Kingsbarns Golf Links, in St Andrews , which is often ranked in top 10 lists for the best golf facilities in Scotland, to sell alcoholic drinks at points around the course, according to Fife Today.

Kingsbarns Golf Links. © Tristan Jones

A spokeswoman for the club said the move is to primarily meet the requests of American golfers – and it is unlikely that buggies selling alcohol will become a common site at the venue.

Susan Hutchison, clubhouse operations manager, told the board it wouldn’t be an every day occurrence and was more likely to be used when busy.

She said: “We have primarily applied to improve customer services. The cart won’t be running all over the course as that could hold up play. We do have some specific areas in mind.”

Kingsbarns Golf Links. © Tristan Jones

The club will also be able to sell alcohol from 9am.

She added:  “Lots of members who visit are American and it’s to cater to them. It’s not something we will advertise in the club but just so we can serve if asked.”

Cllr Ryan Smart raised concerns about the increased availability of alcohol on the course, noting they did have a clubhouse to sell drink.

© Liu Zhuang

Cllr Garry Haldane welcomed the application saying: “I am an avid golfer and I have found that the carts are very welcome among the golfers. It is welcomed highly as a stop off and I’ve never seen any issues.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 12, 2020 06:10
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  1. Wanda February 7, 11:50

    Come on, it’s a sport and you do not use alcohol when busy playing.
    It’s is ridiculous!

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  2. Graham February 7, 11:49

    Not my idea of playing golf. Think you should wait till you get back to the 19th and imbibe then. Could be dnagerous if you’re over the limit, especially during the summer. Thumbs down, I’m afraid.

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  3. Peter February 6, 16:28

    That policy will change quickly ! The beverage cart will be all over the course and earlier than expected. I’m one of the few, perhaps the only one, who believes alcohol sales should be restricted to the clubhouse ! However, everyone is seduced by the revenue and profit ! My theory is a very old one. I’d rather see more people drink and enjoy their beverages, instead of having people drink more ! Course consumption often leads to more issues ( cart damage etc) than the added revenue is worth ! American Golfers believe alcohol consumption is part of the experience, it shouldn’t be !

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