Golfers urged to maintain two metre distances between themselves

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir March 22, 2020 13:35

Golfers are being urged to maintain a minimum of two metre gaps between each other while playing – otherwise clubs fear they will be closed down entirely due to coronavirus.

Most clubs appear to have closed their clubhouses but have left their courses open for play following the government’s social distancing advice that walking in the outdoors is encouraged provided people maintain distances.

However, with the news that a number of public parks in the UK are being closed because members of the public were too close together, golf clubs fear they may be the next to go as a result of COVID-19.Garon Park Golf Complex in Essex wrote on social media: ‘GOLFERS – Please respect the 2 meters SOCIAL DISTANCING otherwise golf courses will have to close – DO YOUR BIT.’

European Tour golfer Paul Waring added: ‘Fed up with people defying social distancing coz its not that big a deal, its just the flu! If we carry on at this rate the nhs will simply run out of beds and oxygen. If you’re admitted at that point they will have to decide who gets oxygen, who lives or who dies. GROW UP!!!!’

The warnings come as a Sky Sports News poll of over 50,000 people found 84 per cent want golf courses to remain open during this national emergency.

However, some golf club staff are also reporting that members of the public are not respecting the coronavirus measures they have implemented.

For example, Mark Blake, head greenkeeper at Chilworth Golf Club in Southampton, wrote: ‘To the pricks who decided to push all the hole cups down whilst playing today. All your going to do is ruin it for everyone else. Stop being so selfish we are doing our best to keep golf clubs open. #Covid_19.’

Meanwhile, Whinhill Golf Club has closed under the latest coronavirus restrictions.

Inverclyde Council closed the course until March 31, with the venue due to change hands to Inverclyde Leisure the following day.

However, currently all Inverclyde Leisure’s facilities are closed and are not expected to re-open until at least the end of April.

The club stated: “We thank our members in advance for their support and recognise the inconvenience these actions must cause; however, they are the only appropriate actions available to the golf club to ensure the safety and well-being of all concerned.”

UPDATE: All UK golf clubs have now been told to close with immediate effect.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir March 22, 2020 13:35
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  1. Richard MS April 1, 10:37

    This is crazy. The government instructions are in place for our own safety and the protection of friends & loved ones. Health & life comes before anything especially GOLF. The worlds best Athletes are showing their support to our NHS & all their fans by asking that we follow government guidelines. Polls like these simply show the arrogance and naivety of certain individuals.

    We don’t see other sports creating similar online polls. These will only have a detrimental affect on our game in the long run.

    Instead start brainstorming creative ways to get people back into the game once we have got through this. The uptake of new golfers is at a record low with clubs struggling to maintain memberships. If you want to support your club, invest in it. Let them Increase the dues and give back to the club & it’s staff because you want too. Not because you’re becoming bored of staying safe and feel it’s your right to break government guidelines because we play a game in “open spaces”.

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  2. Alessandra April 1, 10:36

    Yesss and yes:)

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  3. Eric D March 22, 23:53

    This can only happen if we mandate walking, only golfers ( unless one suffers from a government acknowledged disability ) and they abide by the Board of Health recommendations.

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  4. Andrew T March 22, 20:38

    Can you get the virus from the rough ? Sense and sensibility. Need to buy some food tomorrow.

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  5. Peter March 22, 20:37

    No !! The disconnect with those in the industry and others is mind boggling ! One infected person in a foursome can do much damage !!! Defeating a crisis in tough times requires Bold Leadership and Brutal Honesty!! Staying open is an invitation for disaster !!

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  6. Ian W March 22, 15:42

    When the biggest and busiest courses in Europe are closed what do you think will happen very shortly? Signing petitions won’t change that I’m afraid

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  7. Richard U March 22, 13:55

    Open air exercise with minimal personal contact no need for club house entry can only help body and soul

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  8. Rafael March 22, 13:55

    No soy el único que piensan que el golf está perdiendo su oportunidad de ayudar en esta situación!!…

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  9. Mike March 22, 13:54

    Golf Courses closed in KSA

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  10. Marcela March 22, 12:33

    If the golfer could grab his golf cart, golf bag and go play with no need of a bag boy, starter, caddie and proshop staff, I am all for it but if a club needs staff to give all these services I am against it. We are putting people in harms way!!! #stayhome

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    • Ian W March 22, 15:43

      Every club needs staff to operate. Even a skeleton staff is not following advice and staying home. Why can’t people just listen to advice watch what’s going on in Europe and stay home ? Golf in Europe is closed. Very sensibly

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  11. Willy March 22, 11:02

    My heart says Yes, but my mind says No, because even we a minimum staff (green keepers, pro shop, cart boys, etc and club house close) the club cant control their family environment, transportation etc from this people every single day, before and after they get at the club for work, I believe this is going to pass, but now without health we will not be able to keep playing for many years to come, so we have to wait until this wind blowing on our face will stop, so we can hit fairways and flags soon! Blessings !!

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  12. Neil March 22, 10:12

    It seems quite apparent that Times do change,
    It is essential we change with the times;

    Golf courses should with out question be accessible,

    1. Bring your own pen, write in the green fee book. No contact with any one.

    2. Putts are given with in one putter length,
    No contact with the hole.

    3. Keep two club lengths away when playing together in a two, three or four ball.

    The benefits of been able to get some fresh air, exercise and still have a sporting social life is imperative in these extrodanary times.

    To all golfers and of course none golfers in the World, keep up a positive attitude.

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