Top 8 health benefits of golf for teens

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick March 19, 2020 15:30

Golf is one of the best-received sports nowadays. It’s a low-injury activity often referred to as a gentleman’s game or sport of leisure. The more popular it became, the more researchers strived to find out the many kinds of benefits that golf offers. Right now, there are endless studies that point out how beneficial golf is for people, including teenagers and students.

Even though this sport is more popular with adult players and not as widespread in academic institutions, those who have decided to pursue it get excellent benefits as a result of their choice. Golf is an excellent outdoor activity that sharpens the mind and keeps them active. It has many health benefits, eight of which you’ll learn about below.

1.   Golf stimulates the heart

Taking part in an active outdoor sport is excellent for the heart’s health. Golfing involves a lot of golf swing, carrying things, and moving around, so those who play it can expect an increase in heart rate. Naturally, this is beneficial for the heart’s health and it lowers the risk of heart diseases because it increases the blood flow.

Credit: Tristan Jones

2.   Golf improves the vision

Teenagers are constantly crammed over their smart devices and computers. If you’re a student, you probably spend hours on the computer, doing research for school and writing papers. And even if you choose to get your custom essay from a quality, legitimate service, you will probably spend a lot of time chatting with friends or playing computer games.

Well, if you play golf, this won’t just keep you away from devices. This sport requires good vision and helps you exercise your eyes. You’ll need to keep track of the tiny white ball that goes yards away from you. Golfers need to hone in on small targets from very long distances, as well as learn to evaluate based on their vision. This is great for the vision.

3.   Golf burns calories

Did you know that a single round of golf burns over one thousand calories? This might not be ideal compared to other, very active sports, but it’s definitely better than sitting crammed in your couch at home. When golfing, it’s best to ditch the small golf cart and try to move around as much as possible. This will boost the calories burning process even further!

4.   Golf improves the wellbeing

The sole idea of being outside in the fresh air, not to mention in nature, has many benefits to the well-being of players. If you play golf under the sun, this means extra vitamin D. Not to mention, the peace and quiet in the golf field is incomparable with the bustle of other sports, which can be excellent for the mental health.

After a round of golf, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed, and pretty much ready to tackle all those exploratory essay topics you need to choose for your next paper.

5.   Golf improves the physical fitness

As we mentioned, golf is a low-injury risk sport compared to other sports teenagers play today. You get the benefit of working out and being in nature without the high risk of an injury, which is an excellent way to boost the physical fitness.

6.   Golf improves social and self-esteem

When you’re playing golf with other people, this helps you boost your communication skills. Not to mention, becoming good at golf will increase the teenager’s confidence and self-esteem.

7.   Golf reduces stress and anxiety

Since this is a rather peaceful sport performed in nature, it provides the body and mind with a certain amount of relaxation. Playing golf is known to release endorphins, which are mood-enhancing chemicals in our brains. Teenagers deal with a lot of stress today, so this certainly can’t hurt!

Credit: Tristan Jones

8.   Golf helps with sleep

The mental and physical activity involved in the game of golf tires the body and the mind, helping players get into calm and deep sleep. After you spend hours outdoors and on the field, moving around and playing, you’ll enjoy that amazing feeling when your head hits the pillow.

Golf might be a gentleman’s sport that’s very popular with adults, but the interest in it grows significantly in young people, including teenagers. This is a low-injury sport with tremendous benefits for the players, which is why you should definitely try it out. It gives you a chance to exercise in nature, relax your mind, and improve your general well-being.

Author’s Bio

Connie Elser is a physical education teacher in a high school in US. She works with students of various ages, helping them introduce some activity in their everyday lives. According to Elser, physical education is the moving force in schools – it’s what keeps students sharp and healthy enough to focus on other subjects.

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick March 19, 2020 15:30
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