Golf club finds two people having sex in a bunker

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 25, 2020 05:13

The disrespect some members of the public have shown towards both golf courses and guidance to stay at home during the lockdown has plummeted to a new level as one venue has revealed it found two people in a bunker having sex with each other.

Several clubs have reported misuse of their courses since their venues closed in March – with reports including people using quad bikes, riding horses and picnicking in bunkers.

However, according to the Scottish Daily Record, a club has now found two people having sex in a bunker during the lockdown.

Glenbervie Golf Club has sent a message to members, asking them to patrol the course more to ‘scare off’ others who might abuse the course.

Chairman Ronnie Neil sent the newsletter this weekend, in which he told members of “a couple engaging in sexual relations within a bunker. (Yes, this was actually witnessed)”.

Glenbervie Golf Club. Image from Facebook

Outlining other bad behaviour, Ronnie wrote: “The club has received an increasing number of messages about unwanted behaviour, including some resulting in damage to parts of the course.

“Examples include individuals playing the course over multiple evenings, individuals using the practice areas, bicycles being ridden over greens and using bunker lips as jump ramps.

“Dogs off their lead and being allowed to dig in bunkers and run across greens.”

He added: “Obviously, we would all like our course to be in as good a condition as possible when we reopen and acts like some of those listed above do not support this goal.”

Ronnie stated: “I call upon those members who live near the course and who like to take a walk for their daily exercise to consider choosing a route that will include coverage over the golf course.

“I would stress, however, that the board do not want members to confront rule-breakers and vandals. Hopefully, your mere presence will scare off these individuals and stop their behaviour.”

One member told the paper: “It’s been open season on Glenbervie since the lockdown came in.

“Nobody minds people taking a stroll round the course but this isn’t Butlin’s.

“It’s frustrating that members aren’t even allowed to get their daily exercise by playing a round on their own in the fresh air yet you’ve got locals having sex in the bunkers. Where’s the social distancing in that?”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir April 25, 2020 05:13
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  1. Guy May 5, 10:15

    We’re they improving their lay (lie)?

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  2. Nick H May 4, 18:40

    Never get that lucky when I end up in bunkers!
    How much is the membership

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  3. Adrian May 4, 11:01

    Really! Is this worthy of being called news! Poor

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  4. Matthew W April 29, 16:30

    wouldn’t want to have to play out of that divot

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  5. Craig April 29, 10:39

    Yikes – there are some places where you just don’t want sand….. Hahaha

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  6. Kevin April 29, 10:37

    Hope they raked the bunker when they had finished. Nothing more annoying than landing in marks caused by a previous occupant!!!!!

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  7. Jay April 29, 08:11

    Well I’m glad they were having sex with each other…..

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  8. Brian April 29, 04:38

    That’ll be a two stroke penalty and play it where it lies.

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  9. Barry April 29, 01:12

    At least there were no animals harmed

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  10. Mike April 28, 10:45

    Tough day on the news front;) It can be seen as daily exercise??? PS But of course I had to click and read about it!

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  11. Tom April 28, 10:05

    Come on guys! This isn’t doing your credibility any good!

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  12. Graham April 28, 09:14

    Hope they raked it afterwards…

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  13. Marc April 28, 06:41

    He was very good with his putz

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  14. Bob April 27, 20:35

    Never knew you could get a hole in one after landing in a bunker but leave it to the Scots who invented the game. I used to think a sand wedge was a club.

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    • Macca April 29, 09:17

      Good for them, I’ve checked the rules and there’s no mention of any rules infraction…I’m guessing the social distancing isnt an issue as they probably know each other and probably live together? Such a No Story! So much shit going down around the world and golfers getting precious! FYI, I do miss my golf a lot.. Stay safe and relax!

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  15. Peter April 27, 20:25

    Good for them ! Not an unusual occurrence, for some reason people find grass and sand attractive for their exploits !! Clubs that experience real damage are often those who haven’t been good neighbors, haven’t been players in their community or haven’t educated people in the community about what it takes to keep a course maintained !!

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  16. Stuart H April 27, 20:21

    Were they members

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    • Golfer April 29, 10:40

      Wheg the courses re open there may be a great demand fo tee times may l suggest that rounds are reduced to 9 holes allowing starting times on back and front 9 s tobe introduced

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    • Golfer April 29, 10:43

      When the courses re open there may be a great demand for tee times may l suggest that rounds are reduced to 9 holes allowing starting times on back and front 9 s tobe introduced

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