Crail Golfing Society appoints its second head pro in 234 years

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 21, 2020 18:00

David Snodgrass has been appointed as the new head professional at the Scottish golf club Crail Golfing Society – incredibly he will become only the second head pro in the club’s 234 year history.

Crail, the seventh oldest golf club in the world, was established in 1786, but waited until its 200th anniversary to appoint Graeme Lennie as its first ever head professional, in 1986.

He has remained there since, but will retire at the end of this year, to be replaced by his assistant, David, who will start at the beginning of 2021.

David, 31, a PGA Advanced Professional, joined Crail eight years ago having completed his PGA training at Hilton Park Golf Club in Glasgow.

Club captain, Jim McArthur, said: “On behalf of everyone at Crail Golfing Society, I can say that we are absolutely delighted to welcome appointing David Snodgrass as our new head professional.

“David not only understands the culture and ethos of the club but also has a superb appreciation of the wider golfing world and will bring a new energy and enthusiasm to the team to help develop the long-term vision for the society.

David Snodgrass

“Whilst the whole emphasis at the moment is survival and adaptation of our facilities and procedures to enable us to operate alongside the virus, we are confident when the pandemic passes that we will have a team who can deliver a great tradition.

David said: “I would to thank the members and staff of Crail Golfing Society, my friends and family, for all of the support and encouragement over the years.
“It is a privilege and honour to follow in the footstep of Graeme Lennie to become only the second head professional at this prestigious club, and I am extremely indebted to Graeme for his assistance and guidance in my now eight years at Crail.
“The messages of congratulations have been truly overwhelming and humbling.  I am extremely passionate about Crail and the local community and I am very excited for the journey ahead.
“Crail is an incredibly special club, with two amazing courses, a friendly and supportive membership and it is a dream come true to become the next head professional.”

On Graeme, a former captain of the Scottish PGA, Jim added: “The club also extends our gratitude to Graeme. He created club history becoming the first professional at the club and for well over 30 years Graeme has dedicated his working life to Crail and all at the club will be forever grateful.

“Graeme will be missed at Crail Golfing Society but in David his successor, golf’s seventh oldest club will continue to grow in nurturing, promoting and also enriching all that is good in the ancient club-and-ball game.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 21, 2020 18:00
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  1. James D May 29, 10:50

    That must mean many years without a Head Pro unless that Fife air is even more special than I believe!

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  2. Gerard May 28, 12:20

    Congratulations David, well deserved and a credit to your profession. Hope to be able to have a round some time this year. All the best

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  3. Callum May 28, 10:10

    Congrats David, a great honour, I’m sure you’ll have a great career helping Crail’s next generation of young golfers

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  4. Neil B May 27, 17:28

    Congratulations David – great appointment for Crail Golf Club. Didn’t realise Lennie had been there that long

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  5. Scott May 27, 16:25

    Congratulations David! Enjoy your new position and let me know If there is ever anything I can assist you with

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  6. Mike May 27, 11:44

    Congratulations David.
    Look forward to catching up after the lockdown measures have eased.
    Stay safe.

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  7. Keith H May 27, 09:59

    Congratulations David Snodgrass – a great appointment.

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  8. Elizabeth May 27, 09:19

    Congratulations David.

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  9. Daniel May 27, 07:05

    We played Crail last fall. It was a great experience. Congratulations on a special appointment!

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  10. Ian C May 27, 03:17

    Congratulations David, well deserved and wishing you every success for the future

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  11. Chris M May 27, 01:12

    God must have been old Pros

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