Frustration as some golfers fail to socially distance

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 29, 2020 06:29

A golf club has warned that golfers who fail to respect social distancing rules risk having the venue closed down, after an image showed five golfers standing next to each other at the first tee.

Brandon Wood Golf Course and Club in Warwickshire posted the image on social media, and revealed the players, who were all visitors rather than members, were spoken to and some were sent back to their cars.

The club is currently only allowing two players to play together and requests golfers arrive at the first tee a maximum of five minutes before they are due to tee off, with gaps of 14 minutes between the tee times. This means at least one of the golfers was at the first tee at least 28 minutes before he was due to tee off, at least 23 minutes before he was allowed to be.

The club revealed its frustration as the golfers booked online – amid notifications about the importance of social distancing on the course.

In Germany some clubs were fined and even closed for failing to follow the correct Covid-19 rules after they reopened, and clubs in the UK have been told they face similar penalties if golfers fail to respect the new regulations.

In the post, the club wrote: “Why cant they understand that restrictions are in place for their safety! maximum 2 balls, 14 minutes apart, arrive no more than 5 minutes in advance??? That means one pair arrived at least 28 minutes before their tee time! Idiots! This is what will get courses closed for all!”

Image from Twitter

Several responses followed, reports the Coventry Telegraph, including golfers calling for the players to be kicked off the course for failing to abide by restrictions stated on the venue’s website.

One social media user, Dan Harvey, replied: “The good work of the majority has been ruined by a small minority of idiots. A second lockdown can’t be ruled out now.”

In a second tweet, Brandon Wood said: “Thanks for all of the responses, obviously they were spoken to and split up or sent back to their cars. They were all visitors. the point is all of the restrictions are online when they book and displayed on site, why did they still have to (be) spoken to?”

Brandon Wood. Image from Twitter

Brandon Wood has also published clear social distancing restrictions on its website.

These include booking a tee time in advance, staying two metres apart at all times and playing single or two-ball golf only.

The restrictions are tail-ended with the statement: “The reasons for these restrictions is to ensure all members are kept as safe as possible. This is the priority of England Golf and the priority of Coventry Sports trust. Please adhere to these rules which we hope to be as temporary as possible.

“Without wishing to be totally draconian, the option remains to close the course again if these restrictions are not adhered to.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir May 29, 2020 06:29
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  1. Brian June 3, 11:25

    From that distance how do you know that those who are standing next to each other are not from the same household which does not require 2 meters distance

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  2. Parman May 30, 20:00

    There are some idiots making comments on here. I don’t care how far apart they are standing. The rules clearly say on 2 players on the tee. Obey the rules or get off the course.

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  3. Jason P May 30, 11:09

    1. How do you know they are 5 golfers in the pic? Could be 4 golfers and a man walking his dog, just standing in shot.
    2. A picture like this doesn’t confirm how close they actually are, distance wise.
    3. Could they be from same household?
    4. I’ve seen people closer in a supermarket aisle

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  4. David M May 30, 08:38

    Somehow I doubt a club would allow 5 to go out together or even meet together, it’s far to early for people to chance it. Knowing that they will be scrutinised

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  5. Kf May 29, 23:58

    They are more than far enough apart!! You can set the standard by the distance apart the photographers are outside Dominic Cummings house; if the Metropolitan police aren’t taking any action there, then clearly we can stand far closer together than we’ve been told.

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    • Kobi May 30, 17:42

      It’s sad when people with nothing better to do go round taking photos of Golfers and try to tarnish the reputation of golf.
      Perhaps they should go to Heathrow and photograph the 10,000 passengers a day flying in to the UK with very little checks for Covid 19 if any.
      Go and buy a jigsaw it will give you something to do.

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  6. Peter May 29, 16:23

    And,that would be the problem….Witnessed many clubs here in Arizona, doing a good job with check-in, on the range and at the start. Problems came later on ! Many people, not caring enough !

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    • Jujus1 May 29, 18:52

      Guy on tee looks like he is 2mts away from the man behind him then the next 2 are from the same household then 2mts to the next household, no probs!

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  7. Phil May 29, 16:18

    think the angle of the image might make this look closer than it is

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  8. Stuart H May 29, 10:51

    I don’t think the problem only relates to Golf courses but life in General. Look at pubs for instance they want the social distance reduced so more clubs can open. My wife and I have been in lockdown since March and its been bloody tough (sorry) but not nearly as tough as our front line workers have had it. We need strong leaders who are prepared to enforce whatever is necessary in order to get rid of this terrible virus. Still the one good thing to happen this week is my daughter telephoned yesterday and asked if I would like a golf net for fathers day.

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    • Parman May 30, 20:02

      There are some idiots making comments on here. I don’t care how far apart they are standing. The rules clearly say on 2 players on the tee. Obey the rules or get off the course.

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