Golf club installs sanitiser station next to every green for flags to rest on

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 28, 2020 04:17

A Lancashire golf club has installed a sanitiser station next to every green on its course so that golfers can have the option of taking out the flag.

Most golf clubs now use a product like the Tacit Lifter so that golfers that do not need to touch the flag, which increases the risk of spreading Covid-19.

However, Haydock Park Golf Club wanted to offer an alternative to its golfers for one of its flagship events – the recent Captain’s Weekend, and has therefore installed the stations next to every green. The new units include a hook so that the flag can be rested on them, ensuring golfers can putt into holes without flags. They then put the flags back in the hole and can then clean their hands.

“One of the committee members asked about the potential to have the flagsticks removed in time for the weekend,” explained Stephen Nicholson, business manager of Haydock Park Golf Club.

“We maintained that if we could do this in a safe and practical way then we’d consider. After contact with England Golf, it was deemed that we could indeed look to progress with a policy that enabled flagstick removal so long as the risk was covered and mitigated as much as practicably possible.

“The committee signed off a move to create sanitiser stations next to each green, with a hook to allow the flagstick to be rested on whilst players took their shots and then replaced the flagstick after they had finished.

“We recommend that each group designate one member of the group to remove the flag if they feel this is appropriate and they should do so with a gloved hand. There is a bottle of hand sanitiser affixed to each station so players can cleanse their hands both prior to and after dealing with the flagstick.”

The club says the units have been very popular and will be used for more events.

“With restrictions easing and the guidance relying very much on a common sensical approach, we decided that because the event a couple of weeks ago went so well we’d incorporate this into our daily course setup and give the player the opportunity to remove the flagstick if they so wish,” he added.

“However, those that continue to be wary during this time can still putt with the flagstick in and use the golf ball hole lifters as they have been doing.

“The creation and installation of these stations came at zero cost to the club as one of the committee members kindly sourced all products, created and installed them for us.

“It’s exactly this kind of support that all golf clubs need from their members during this time and we have many volunteers and committee members that have given so much to the cause these last few months. They’re invaluable to the running of our club and we couldn’t do so without them.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 28, 2020 04:17
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  1. Paddy July 31, 09:22

    Please be careful what sanitiser you use …if it is the alcohol variety, any spills could burn and damage your grass …alcohol free is the answer and there are products about that provide 6 hours protection! and also products that if you spray or wipe the flag it will protect also for up to 6 hours…and it won’t harm your grass if you spill it!

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  2. Dave P July 30, 22:15

    can’t really see why they feel the need. Will just result in the return of slow play …

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  3. Eva July 30, 11:44

    Have you ever thought about the total cost of this measure? Buying, refilling, replacing plus hr cost? Only do it if you are sure that your club has this extra money or a sponsor for all of it.

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  4. Alan M July 29, 14:33

    Great idea and one I will highlight to my contacts

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