Golf course reopens just six months after it closed down

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 6, 2020 07:23

A Scottish golf club has reemployed its head greenkeeper and partially reopened, just six months after it closed down.

According to The Scotsman, Dollar Golf Club, which opened in 1890, has reopened as a nine-hole golf course. It was previously 18 holes.

“It’s a historical course and the farm has been involved from the start, so we are keen to try and keep golf going at Dollar as it is a good community asset,” said Nicholas Poett from landowner Harviestoun Estate.

“It was sad to see the club close at the end of last year and now we are keen to try and keep it going as a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into it over a hundred-odd years.

“We reemployed the head greenkeeper, Tony Leach, who did an excellent job before and it is looking really good.”

Dollar Golf Club. © Facebook

Poett added that the reopening is not due to the current surge in demand for golf following the reopening of courses in May.

“I have to say that I haven’t been following the wider golf progress in Scotland over the past few weeks. I’m not up to speed on that, unfortunately,” he said.

“It will be pay and play. There will also be an annual sign up fee. That will be £150 to start with, £200 for families and £20 for children.

“The pay and play fees will be £7.50 for nine holes and £10 for 18 and £7.50 for visitors.

“There was a lot of sadness from all aspects of the community when it was initially announced that it was going to close.

“However, I think that converting it to nine holes has allowed a lot more people to get up there and explore it. A lot of people are up there now, having not known it existed.

“I hope people can see the positives from what we are trying to do by trying to keep it alive.

“There is a contingent within Dollar who are keen to see it continue. They’ve signed up to other clubs, but they are keen to support it, which is great.

“Tony has had various old members come up to him and say they are re-interested in joining.

“If we can get a core established again, that would be great and hopefully we can do something with Dollar Academy to encourage younger membership.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 6, 2020 07:23
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  1. Peter July 6, 19:53

    Sounds like a “gut decision” to me with no plan in place !! Sounds like a whole lot more knowledge is required, about the primary market, the larger market community and the surrounding areas ! Great luck, none-the-less !!

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    • Roddy August 3, 02:26

      Absolutely. Great luck indeed. Would be interested to know the nine hole configuration, in the context of the previous layout. Presumably, we will lose the long eleventh (the dreaded ninth for those of us who grew up in the seventies), par five twelfth and the good thirteenth?

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