Golf course to be redesigned as balls land in football boss’s garden

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 26, 2020 06:57

A Scottish golf club is to redesign two of its holes after several stray balls landed in a neighbour’s garden – and that property is the home of Rangers FC’s chairman.

According to the Scottish Sun, the football club chairman, Douglas Park, said 22 balls landed in the garden of his mansion in the month after golf courses were allowed to reopen in Scotland following the lockdown.

Windows at the pad have also been smashed twice by wayward shots while contractors working at the home have been involved in near-misses.

A source said: “It’s been happening for years.

“The previous people that lived there used to get peppered with shots.

“It seems to have got worse recently. After lockdown restrictions were lifted his house was hit a few times, probably a sign of how rusty people were.”

Bosses at the unnamed club in Lanarkshire have agreed to redesign two of the holes: the seventh and the ninth.

A firm of golf architects has been hired to review safety.

The paper does not state which company this is but, perhaps in a sign that this not an isolated story, in the last few days Swan Golf Designs has launched a safety audit offering to golf clubs that focusses on the risk to people of being hit by flying golf balls.

An insider at the club said: “Balls have been landing close to the house stopping Mr Park and family from being able to enjoy their garden.

“The club has previously introduced measures, including putting up netting, angling the tee and encouraging golfers to hit balls away from the house. But the number entering the garden is still high.

“The club fears it could be liable for compensation if someone is injured.”

The golf club’s chairman said: “We won’t be commenting on this matter at all.”

However, a golf club source said: “It’s all been happily resolved and Mr Park could not have been more helpful or supportive.

“Our members can keep on playing.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 26, 2020 06:57
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  1. David T August 27, 11:09

    I ask Mr Park the question – who was there first, the golf course or him? – Why move in to somewhere near a golf course and then gets surprised at golfers being there! – Always annoys me when someone moves in anywhere and expects all around to move heaven and earth for them. However, it seems he is a reasonable person and the club are happy, so lets see.

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    • Roxanne August 28, 06:37

      Montrose golf club in Angus has a massive problem with stray golf balls landing out of bounds on to public path, road and neighbouring gardens …house built before golf course… golf course poorly designed on the 9th tee of the broomfield course.
      Houses with golf courses next to them do work well if course designed well.
      MGLL know this is an accident waiting to happen which could be easily resolved at little cost.

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  2. Joe D August 27, 07:22

    Someone bought a house on a golf course and they had golf balls land in their yard? Shocking. I would have never expected that?? Imagine that – golf balls. On a golf course? Wow.

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  3. Stephen August 27, 03:51

    It’s my home golf club. Designs are underway to remap that particular hole. I personally don’t understand why we don’t have the right to put up a large net, however I’m told the resident has offered to pay for the land, that makes up the tee to the dog-leg which will allow the club to build a new tee and change the hole from a short par 4 into a “decent” although not great par 3.

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  4. Cliff M August 27, 02:03

    Queanbeyan Golf club has the same problem. Nets pretty much fixed it…

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