“We recouped half of our annual green fee revenue in June alone”

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 4, 2020 13:35

Several more golf clubs are reporting that the boom in demand for golf of the last two to three months has led to a positive economic performance.

QHotels Group, which runs seven golf resorts in the UK, says it has seen an influx of new members and a massive increase in green fee revenue.The group has signed up more than 500 new members across its golf venues, with June seeing 50 percent of its annual green fee revenue taken in one month at most of the facilities.

Some of the venues have also said they’ve been taking a significant number of bookings for winter visits in recent days.

Some QHotel golf resorts with saw 50 percent of their annual green fee revenue come in in just the month of June

Group chief executive of QHotels Group, Richard Moore, said: “With overseas travel still so uncertain, we know that many golfers will be swapping their usual golf trips overseas with a staycation in the UK, and we can already see the trend with bookings quickly filling up across our resorts.

“The great thing about golfers staying at one of our resorts is that they will realise how good the offering is and they will realise they don’t need to travel abroad, when they can save time and money staying closer to home and still be able to escape to brilliant courses with their friends or family. The UK golf boom is here to stay and we are delighted that we can be a part of it.”

Auchmill Golf Club. Image from Facebook

Similarly, Auchmill Golf Club in Aberdeenshire has said there has been a huge demand to play its course.

Captain Gordon Graham said: “Membership is up and visitor numbers are up and thanks to our marvellous bunch of volunteers, who have transformed the course and clubhouse, we have had really positive feedback.”

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 4, 2020 13:35
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  1. Peter August 4, 11:12

    Great to hear !! Let’s continue to hope this is a long term deal !! Here in the states, many are playing golf because they’re tired of staying home and indoors !! We need to see what happens when they return to work, full time !!

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  2. James W August 2, 15:56

    Great to hear some positive news. Hopefully we’ll see the industry capitalise on the renewed vigour for the game. Well done to all the clubs that have come through so far.

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  3. Julian J July 30, 22:13

    I Guarantee they wont reward there staff for the Hard Work they have done to create a platform for the earnings having laid them off for The Tax Payer to repay

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  4. Matthew P July 30, 11:45

    Brilliant great to see a sport I love doing so well

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