Another golf course devastated by vandals

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir September 2, 2020 06:58

A Gloucestershire golf course has become the latest UK venue to be damaged in an appalling act of vandalism.

It is at least the ninth time a UK golf course has suffered significant damage at the hands of criminals in recent weeks.

The vandal(s) drove onto Painswick Golf Club’s course at the end of August and targeted the third green.

Gloucestershire Police posted the image on social media along with the words ‘Why on earth would someone do this to one of our golf courses?’

Members of the club’s committee said it was the worst damage they’d ever seen – and it comes just a week before the club’s annual club championship with up to 40 members set to take part.

Billy Daws, competition secretary, said: “We’ve had vehicles on the course before, but nothing like this – it is the worst damage I have seen.”

He added that the club will have to decide on either patching up the damage or playing another hole twice this weekend.

He said: “It is sad. We try to co-exist with the public, and then events like this happen.”

There are stones that stop vehicles getting onto the course, but Daws told GloucestershireLive that a 4×4 could still get access.

Image from Twitter

Last week Wigan Golf Club had to close down for several days after quad bikers drove onto the course and tore up many of the greens and fairways.

Since golf courses reopened in May there have been several incidents of them being targeted by vandals.

Ballumbie Castle Golf Club in Dundee saw thousands of pounds-worth of damage when weedkiller was deliberately poured over its course.

In June weedkiller was used to etch abusive messages in the grass at Stanley Park Golf Course in Lancashire. In May Knighton Heath Golf Club in Bournemouth was attacked by vandals and arsonists, yobs tore up several greens at Shotts Golf Club in Lanarkshire and Henbury Golf Club in Bristol was also targeted.

And in July Great Lever and Farnworth Golf Club in Bolton said £10,000 of damage had been caused by youths leaving tracks from off-road bikes, while at the end of the month Leslie Golf Club in Fife was forced to close after it was attacked by arsonists.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir September 2, 2020 06:58
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  1. D Price September 13, 20:34

    As a former superintendent I have had to repair a few greens after actions like this, it is very frustrating to have your greens in great shape and some idiot pulls a stunt like this.

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  2. Tracy September 10, 11:36

    Unfortunately this happens everywhere and sadly most people get away with it.
    I’ve been waiting 38 years to “just happen” to pull up and see that frustrated golfer taking a divot out of one of our greens!
    Unfortunately, this to happens everywhere. and sadly most never get caught.
    Only witnesses are his Golf buddies and they’re not going to give him up. Instead use it as insurance knowing one day they will be the guilty golfer.

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  3. JJ September 3, 11:24

    Sad to say but it might be minimum wage greenkeepers

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    • MB September 3, 21:23

      Then why work there? If they don’t like it or they aren’t making as much money as they feel they deserve, go somewhere else and/or do something else. This kind of thing makes me hate people to be honest. I have no patience and no understanding. Does this person now feel better about themselves? Do they go home and say, “I really accomplished something today. I feel great!”?

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  4. Griff September 2, 20:23

    Absolutely tragic that someone, almost certainly young and male think this is funny. Its a sad situation, courses open to roads or accessable need to revisit their security measures. As i have read more of this happening around the Country. very sad, a lovely course, amazing views.

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  5. Sarah B September 2, 12:43

    Disgraceful and so sad. All the hard work that the greenkeepers put into maintaining our golf courses

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  6. Brooksbank September 2, 11:25

    Shocking, what is the point of this?

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  7. Catherine C September 2, 09:42

    Scandalous! Repairing such a vandalism need huge means!!!

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