Online booking platform Greenfee365 acclerates UK presence and announces new global partnerships

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick September 29, 2020 16:44

Greenfee365, the marketing and online booking platform that allows golf clubs to sell their tee times directly to golfers all over the world, have in the first wave signed up more than 40 UK golf courses since its launch last March.

This is a figure that is quickly rising and estimated to be around 300 in the near future. Greenfee365 has established a strong partnership and integration with intelligentgolf, through which operators can sell their tee time inventory live to travelling golfers across Europe.

To support the growth of the game in the UK market, Greenfee365 has entered into partnerships with other major digital platforms and brands so that clubs can enjoy an even wider reaching audience.

What is Greefee365?
Golfers all over the world use Greenfee365, which allows golfers to book and buy live tee times at, currently, more than 450 golf courses in 11 international markets.
The benefit to clubs is that this significantly enhances their marketing to overseas golfers, while at the same time they retain full control over the product and prices.  The business model is completely performance-based.

Me and My Golf collaboration
Greenfee365 has launched partnerships with several providers to the industry.

The world’s leading online coaching company, Me and My Golf, has offered its premium subscribers easy access to the platform’s live tee times and exclusive offers.

“We are delighted to partner with Greenfee365 to bring our website members exclusive deals on some of the best courses across the world. Our ethos is to help our members and social following to get better at golf by making our instruction very simple to understand. Greenfee365 has such a simple booking process and will enable our members to get access to golf courses, improve and play more golf! We are really excited for the projects ahead and utilising the services of Greenfee365 to enhance our members’ experiences,” said Piers Ward, co-founder of

Supreme Golf partnership
Greenfee365 has also teamed up with Supreme Golf – the most comprehensive tee time aggregator and search engine in the world, which will enable Greenfee365’s golf course partners to promote themselves extensively to golfers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“Greenfee365 has done an outstanding job of partnering with golf courses across EMEA to drive online bookings, and we are thrilled to add Greenfee365’s golf course relationships to Supreme Golf’s tee time marketplaces. Our goal is to provide golfers the largest inventory of tee times at their fingertips, so no matter where they are in the world, they can find a golf course close to their location and book a tee time online. Greenfee365’s golf course inventory makes our golfers’ experience better than ever,” said Supreme Golf’s chief executive officer, Jonathan Wride.

Greenfee365 have indicated that further important partnerships will be announced with some of the sport and travel industry’s biggest brands.

Greenfee365 European golf travel survey
Greenfee365 conducted a large-scale survey to see how the golf tourism market can recover from the effects of the current pandemic. During June and July, more than 30,000 golfers across Europe answered questions with regards to the future of golf travel. The results showed many insights, the clearest was that domestic golf, and in the surrounding areas, is completely dominant for 2020 with 2021 being the year for the eventual return of international golf travel.

Alex McIver, head of business development for Greenfee365, noted “Our golf courses found the results really insightful, especially given the significant sample size and core customer markets the survey covered. Once this crisis is over, golf tourism will inevitably see renewed demand and courses must be ready as well as focused on those key markets they wish to attract. Greenfee365 is the perfect sales channel to help courses remain visible to golfers across Europe until such time they can travel again, booking their rounds easily and securely.”

“We strongly believe that golf tourism will recover, and this is our main focus. Right now, the priority will be about keeping the golf travel industry afloat and looking ahead. Our current mission is to help our golf course partners in every way we can, and the results of this survey will be a great asset to our partner clubs to better understand what to expect,” said Greenfee365 CEO, Marcus Ekeberg.

For more on the results of this survey, contact Alex McIver (below).

How do I sign up?

Interested golf clubs can arrange a virtual meet with Alex McIver, the head of business development at Greenfee365 Europe AB, to activate their club.
Tel: 0034 693 038 098


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick September 29, 2020 16:44
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  1. Neil S September 30, 11:09

    New WHS software systems proving hard for many golfers and strobly affecting comp entries membership

    Committees already thinking they cannot run a comp on paper(need to be done by a computer. Several cases nearby of comps cancelled and disgruntled members saying givng up on handicaps and comps.

    The tail wagging the dog!

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