Features of slot games explained

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick October 22, 2020 10:16

Slot games are a great deal of fun, and playing them on the web is excellent – it provides convenience, you are able to play when you have an extra couple of minutes, and there’s a large amount of choice. Nevertheless, online slots can occasionally be slightly confusing; there are a lot of characteristics that individuals might hear about and find out when they’re playing that simply do not make sense. Though it is absolutely easy to play these slot games without understanding all the inner workings of slot machines, when you do understand them more you’re more able to make good choices. Continue reading to discover more. 


When you play an actual slot machine you realise you require coins to enjoy it with. The same holds true of the virtual slots; they still require coins, though needless to say you are not in a position to feed them right into the machine as it’s a digital creation. 

When you’re playing an internet slot game, you must buy as many coins (in case it is easier, think about them as credits) as you need to be able to play. So you pay your cash and then have a particular number of credits to play with. Remember to take a look at the different paylines you’re operating on; if you wish to make your money go further, you may want to readjust exactly how you’re playing. The payout is going to be lower, but you will have many more spins overall if you work with fewer paylines. 


Reels are something that every slot machine has, whatever theme they’re created with. In days gone by, slots would just have three reels, but more recent games often have five, and some have many more. The reel is the vertical part of the game which rotates if you click the mouse or press a button. 

The greater number of reels available means there would be the additional paylines, which means you will have a lot more chances to win.


When you participate in a slot machine game you’re certain to discover symbols on the reels. These will differ from game to game (in regular machines you will see bits of fruit, and in more recent ones which have a certain theme, you may see something that relates to that particular design – a football, a star, a musical instrument, or really anything else) but actually what they are doesn’t matter; it will not make any difference to the payout. It’s just interesting to see what might be there, especially when there is a theme involved. 

You’ll also see special symbols if you play online slots that do not seem to be there when you play traditional, physical ones. These will be symbols like ‘wilds’ and ‘scatters’. These make the game that a lot more exciting, particularly since a wild card is able to replace any other symbol, and could possibly provide a win if you were not expecting one. 


We have mentioned paylines a couple of times in this post, but what are they precisely? Paylines are easy to understand – they are a line which combines the right symbols in order to let you win. 

Based on the game you are playing and just how much cash you are playing with, you can have a huge selection of different potential paylines. Some will pay more than others. And whereas before they would have to be a horizontal line across the centre of the slot machine, they can now be in numerous different directions and patterns including diagonal or even zigzags. 


RTP stands for ‘return to player’ and it will be displayed as a percentage. UK law (The Gambling Act 2005) states that each slot game needs to have its RTP showing, enabling players to make an educated choice about playing. The greater the RTP, the greater chance there is of winning.

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick October 22, 2020 10:16
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