This 98-year-old golfer still plays twice a week

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 4, 2020 13:30

A woman who has been described as ‘Britain’s oldest golfer’ says she still plays golf twice a week at the age of 98.

Coming just days after a study found that golf offers huge health benefits for elderly people, Myfanwy Wigdahl has told The Metro that she has been a member of Sand Moor Golf Club in Yorkshire since 1950.

Myfanwy — known to friends as Myf — believes golf is the secret to her long life.

She said she still plays twice a week, about five holes in total, to keep in shape and couldn’t imagine a life without the game.

Myf was a lorry driver in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force during World War II and was stationed in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

She and her late husband moved to Leeds in the late 1940s and initially joined Roundhay Golf Club before moving to Sand Moor.

She said: “I don’t remember my first hole but it took me a while — I wasn’t great but my husband was, and he used to be my teacher.

“I have never hit a hole in one but I’ve still got a few more years to get it.

“My husband was a member of the club and I thought I wasn’t going to become a widow to golf so I decided to join him.”

Myf said membership of the club proved to be a ‘Godsend’ when her husband died.

“I love playing and I’ve really enjoyed my time at Sand Moor. I lost my husband nearly 11 years ago.

“The ladies at Sand Moor are wonderful and are really supportive.

“Everyone from my era has sadly passed away.”

Myf’s son Gareth said her social life revolved around the club, where she was captain and won at least six major club trophies.

He added: “She says keeping fit and having her regular gin and tonic at 5pm each day are vital to staying alive.”

Sue McMeeking, lady captain at Sand Moor, said of Myf: “She is an inspiration. She’s a great character and is full of energy.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 4, 2020 13:30
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  1. Hennessy November 15, 21:23

    Amazing!! Wonder Woman!!

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  2. Murray November 10, 12:07

    This is a great achievement

    Sadly stopped for a month, where is the sense

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  3. Wanda November 9, 12:34

    That’s a great moment for this 83 year old woman. I hope to play golf too when I will be 83 (if that’s allowed… …though my mom, who died when almost 96, always told me I will grow older than she).

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  4. Turek November 8, 20:54

    Good luck to her. But I have never understood why as good walk has to be ruined by carrying all that junk around.

    There is a version of the Little List song in the Mikado which includes the line;

    All muggers, joggers, buggers, floggers, people who play golf . . .

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  5. Eric November 7, 10:51

    Wow, even thinking about it makes me realise how we are all so positive for each other. E

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  6. JAnderson November 7, 10:00

    Great effort, i can only dream that i am going to be playing as long as this amazing golfer ⛳️

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  7. Tait November 5, 12:34

    This is incorrect. Member at Ashford manor golf club is 102.

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  8. Alan L November 5, 12:28

    And stopping this poor lady playing golf could be detrimental to her overall well being. #wellbeing

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  9. Jukka November 5, 11:22

    In Finland we celebrated last summer Mr Mikko Soille who is still playing in his 100 birthday.

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  10. Puerto Rico Golf November 5, 06:13

    “Golf is a GAME & Sport FORE( LIFE)

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  11. David G November 4, 19:47

    WOW, I hope I can play at that age – or even reach that age…..

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  12. Grushgrove November 4, 19:02

    Fair play to her ‍♂️

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  13. Aileen November 4, 14:59

    Something for us all to aspire to!

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