Golf club ends lockdown public access due to mess created

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 14, 2021 11:37

A private members’ golf club that has allowed the public to walk across its course during three lockdowns has ended the policy due to excessive damage and dog fouling.

Hesketh Golf Club in Merseyside had been praised for allowing locals to walk across the course in March, April, May, November and January.

However, it had made repeated requests for visitors to respect its land – which some ignored. Damage to bunkers had taken place in particular, and dog owners had failed to clean up their dogs’ mess.

Signage was placed at all entrance points and notices were placed on social media, but ‘too many people continued to flout those requests’, according to those managing the grounds.

Its board of directors has now decided to remove all access to members of the public.

Explaining the decision, a spokesman said: “In the first two lockdowns, and this, offering our course as a safe and scenic place for people to walk was seen as a real benefit to the local community.

“Up until recently, we believed this could continue through to the end of this current lockdown.

“Unfortunately we have suffered damage to a number of bunkers and an increase in dog fouling that is not cleaned up.

Hesketh Golf Club. Images from Facebook

“Protecting the condition of our great course is a priority, therefore [we] are removing public access to the course.”

New notices placed around the course state it is a private members’ club which is funded by and run for its members, for whom the facilities and grounds are to be protected.

The club says insurance factors were also considered when making the difficult decision.

While many clubs have been praised for allowing people to use their courses during lockdowns, several have reported people abusing the offer.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir February 14, 2021 11:37
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  1. Dr Marbles February 15, 07:36

    Golf courses should stay closed until December 31st. It is far too dangerous to play golf whilst there is a deadly virus going around. I saw a player at my club use a 7 iron from 180 yards when he knew full well he could only hit a 7 iron 150 yards at the very most. This irresponsible behaviour is why we have all been in lockdown for months.

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  2. MM February 14, 20:41

    Sad to see people abusing something that was so positive.

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  3. DCox February 14, 20:10

    Unfortunately they are not the only club in this position.

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  4. Leopard February 14, 11:55

    Once again you give an inch they take a mile. Why golf courses open there lands to the public is dor the good of ALL, why do the dog walkers leave the mess, did they not clean it up wherever the walked before! Shutting down public access would have been a last resort I’m sure, so now put up signage that these people will understand” Closed because of YOUR mess”

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    • Pike February 14, 17:24

      There is no blame to the dog, the blame goes to the people that own the dogs. I’m sure if you were to walk your dog on their land and let the dog mess and walk away they would go mental.
      We have a right of way on our golf course (Bishop’s Stortford) and to be fair are people stay to the Walkways and we never have problems with dogs running all over the place.

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  5. Wayne February 14, 00:27

    This would not happen whilst golfers were on the course. Dog walkers should be held responsible
    They should never have been closed ???????

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    • 10 handicap February 14, 15:15

      These four legged shit machines and their irresponsible owners have no place on golf courses.

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    • MuttonJeff February 14, 16:06

      Lol! Well who’d have known! Is anyone surprised by this?

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    • Bobble February 14, 16:45

      Totally agree courses should have stayed open

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      • Mezzer February 14, 19:38

        Not suprised by dog mess on your golf course. I go fishing on canals and rivers in the South West. On countless occasions I have seen dogs messing on public paths fields were adults and children walk. The owners just bring out thier dog and dogs just for a sit and a piss without cleaning up. No bag no shit that’s my motto. It a amazing how many dog owners cannot control thier dogs. Disobedient, barking and that’s just the owners!

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  6. Donuts February 13, 19:36

    There is always a few people who spoil it for everyone.I pay my subscriptions every year and that money to keeps the course open all year round

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