Do handicap committees still exist?

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick July 9, 2021 12:38

The World Handicap System was launched last November – but golfers in England have mostly only used it since this spring. Here, the head of Handicapping and Course Rating for England Golf, Gemma Hunter, answers some common questions that have been asked by golfers and officials since then.

How easy is it for golfers to calculate their Course Handicap when arriving at a golf club?

This should be easy for all players, by using the tables displayed at the club or even by the MYEG app. When arriving at the golf club, a player must convert their handicap index into a course handicap before every round. All players need to do is choose the tees they are playing off and cross reference their handicap index on the Course & Slope Rating table to find their course handicap.

Where do I submit my scores? And how can I easily keep track of my Handicap Index?

The easiest route for players to submit general play scores home or away is to use the MYEG app. Through the app, golfers can enjoy the flexibility of recording scores for handicap purposes for either nine or 18 hole social rounds played in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping.

By allowing scores to be easily added to a player’s record from general play rounds at any rated venue on the app, it will build a more complete and accurate record of a golfer’s actual playing ability. If playing competition golf, you would still be using a traditional scorecard, or an app specified by the competition organisers. The MyEG app will allow players to keep a track on their handicap index.

Does the new system require every score to be submitted, and how will you stop players manipulating this to their advantage?

No, players have the option to return general play scores but to do so they need to pre-register the round prior to play, this is to ensure that scores are returned irrespective of the outcome. Geo-location technology will ensure pre-registering the intent to post a score can only be done in close proximity to the golf course.

A time lag will also be in operation from the point where intent to play a round is registered to the stage when a score can be accepted. Finally, a golfer’s score must be verified by a playing partner who has witnessed the round and holds a World Handicap System handicap index.

Will any golfer receive a Handicap Index higher than 54?

No, the max handicap index for a golfer is 54, but their course handicap could go higher.

Can you still acquire a Handicap Index even if you are only interested in social golf and not competitions?

Yes, the WHS allows handicaps to be maintained using both General Play and Competition score.

How are pairs or team competitions affected by the new handicap system?

Under the current WHS, team and pairs scores are not included as part of the system in Great Britain and Ireland.

Do handicap committees still exist and will annual reviews still take place?

Yes, handicap committees play a vital role in the WHS. As part of their role, they will be required to carry out handicap reviews and one review must take place during a specified window.

Gemma Hunter

I am a society golfer who is not a club member and feels completely overlooked by the changes. It would appear that I will not benefit from the Course and Slope Index that has been introduced. How will players like me be treated under the new rules?

England Golf are looking to develop and launch a scheme for independent golfers that will be due to launch this month. This will allow non-club members to acquire an official handicap index in order to track their ability and progress their golfing journey.

When will the WHS start catering for non-members who have decided not to join a local club but travel and play at many other clubs?

As mentioned above, independent golfers will be offered the chance to join a new digital community of golfers aligned to England Golf from early July. For an annual subscription, golfers will receive a World Handicap System handicap index and access to the ‘My England Golf’ app to post scores, track progress and engage with friends.

The scheme will be open to all golfers regardless of age. The subscription is open to any golfer with a home address in England. Any golfer who has left a golf club within the last six months will not be eligible to subscribe, whilst registration will take place over a 12-month rolling subscription.

Golfers will still be able to obtain a handicap index by submitting scores from 54 holes of golf played in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping, with scores counting towards the 54-hole total coming from any combination of nine and 18-hole scores. All rounds must be pre-registered on the ‘My EG’ app and digitally verified by a playing partner who is either a golf club member or a subscriber to the new platform.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick July 9, 2021 12:38
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  1. David June 10, 21:08

    My club does not have a handicap committee or even a handicap secretary. Can they still award / amend / maintain a WHS handicap index for me?

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  2. monty April 15, 14:43

    Can my golf club cut me 3 shots even though I have a lot of cards in

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  3. djm July 17, 12:12

    Still waiting for a reply from England Golf……… When will they send me the digital device to enable me to download their app ?

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