Second golf club in a week blocks its entrance due to travellers

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 1, 2021 07:59

A second English golf club has blockaded its entrance in the space of just one week, as travellers set up an encampment by its land.

A few days ago seven caravans and other vehicles entered Nuneaton Golf Club in Coventry and parked by the course, now Tiverton Golf Club has faced a similar incident.

The Devon club also blocked its entrance in order to prevent travellers entering the club at the end of July.

In a message to members, club secretary, Peter Barnes said: “I have been advised today that [the school next door where the travellers were on an athletic field] will be issuing a notice to the travellers, either today or tomorrow, to vacate their land within 24 hours.

“With this in mind, while the padlocking of the gates is only an overnight deterrent, access to the course during the day is far easier.

“To limit the ability of vehicles towing a caravan, etc, one of the double gates will be closed and this gate will be blocked by a vehicle. Access to the car park will be restricted until further notice.

“Members are asked to be careful due to the restricted visibility, especially when leading the club, as priority should be given to vehicles entering the car park.”

It has been reported that the intention of the travellers was to remain camping on the field for one day before moving onto a local horse fair.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 1, 2021 07:59
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  1. Neil August 8, 04:27

    A key feature in selecting a site for travellers is the availability of water. Once on the site they will use their green “Human rights leaflet” (Originally issued to them by a solicitors’ firm in Warwickshire ) that highlights their right to water and apparently to have a claim against anyone that denies them that right by whatever means ,to bully those who own the land in to feeling they are being treated illegally.
    Gets you on the back foot!

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