‘There are more victims of the ‘Rolex Rippers”

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 9, 2021 12:10

Two of the victims of the ‘Rolex Rippers’ have spoken about the tactics the women used in order to rob them, including shouting ‘sex’ as they grabbed one victim, and have criticised the police, stating there are more than 14 victims.

It has been reported that two women have been targeting elderly men in southern England for the last year, and have been using a variety of tactics to steal watches and money from them. While they have struck at least 14 times, they seem to favour golf club car parks, and have been spotted in at least four different golf clubs since July 2020.

One of the men, David Parry, 91, has told The Times that one of the women flung herself at him, pushing him against his car, and then repeatedly shouted the word ‘sex’ until she was able to flee with £300 he had on him earlier this year in Surrey.

The woman “just flung herself at me against my car”, David said. “She started to scream and use one word. The word was: ‘Sex’. She shouted: ‘Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex’ probably about a dozen times.

“I thought she had lost her brain. I honestly thought at one stage she was trying to offer herself to me.”

Incredibly, his brother Michael, had his £13,500 Rolex watch stolen outside a village supermarket in Gloucestershire by the same duo in a separate incident more than 80 miles away last month.

The brothers only became aware that they had both been victims when the story received national attention a few days ago, and they believe the duo have robbed more than 14 people.

David believes more victims will come to light and he criticised how different police forces work together. “I’m absolutely convinced there are more people, absolutely convinced”, he said yesterday, adding that he could not prove it.

He said: “This county police system is hopeless, absolutely hopeless, because they will not talk to each other.”

Michael Parry gave details of his robbery. He said: “This girl appeared, a very demure, small girl”, he said. “I couldn’t say how old she was, probably in her early 20s.”

The woman made out she could not speak before she handed him a clipboard with details of a charity petition. After signing his name, she reached out her hand and Michael went to shake it.

Suddenly she started “scrabbling and screaming”. Michael pushed her away but was left with scratches on his arm. He only realised his watch had been taken after looking to record when the attack happened.

He said the transformation in the woman had been “instant” and that he “didn’t know what the hell to do”. It was only later when he viewed CCTV at a nearby supermarket that it became apparent that the woman was with someone else.

At the time of the incident he did not know that his brother had been a victim to a similar attack. Michael said that although David reported the robbery to the police, he was not issued with a crime number.

He said there was “a bit of competition” between the brothers and David “didn’t want to admit that he had been conned out of £300”.

Michael’s watch has still not been recovered and he criticised how long it took police to apparently view the CCTV footage of the incident.

The women have been labelled the “Rolex Rippers”. They are believed to have dark hair and eastern European accents, although some victims have believed them to be Spanish.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir August 9, 2021 12:10
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