Building housing to secure a golf club’s future

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 27, 2021 11:33

A major industry trend in recent months has been clubs building housing on their land in order to secure their futures. Dunbar Golf Club is set to build a new clubhouse, short course, academy, driving range and greenkeeper facilities, funded by the creation of 78 homes.

One of Scotland’s most historic golf clubs, Dunbar Golf Club – founded in 1856 – is set to embark on a major redevelopment project.

The venue has submitted a planning application to build a brand-new clubhouse, a nine-hole short course, golf academy, driving range and new greenkeeper facilities.

Funding for these upgrades will be enabled by a 78-home development, designed to split between two locations within the club’s existing land.

Phase one will see the construction of the £3.6 million clubhouse, academy and range along with 60 new homes to the south of the site, while 18 homes will form phase two to the north, on land which includes the location of the current clubhouse.

Spokesman Tony Thomas said: “These new facilities will provide a massive boost to the club and will produce many long term benefits such as attracting new participants to golf, growing golf tourism in the area and generating more permanent employment within the local community.

“The clubhouse and greenkeeper facilities were in need of renovation.”

These new facilities will ensure the long term attraction of Dunbar to the international visitor market and the valuable golf tourism spend, states the club.

Jacky Montgomery, PGA director of golf at Dunbar, said: “Having these new facilities will not only be a major benefit for our members and visitors, but it opens up significant opportunities for local people to get involved in golf and to enjoy the many health and well-being aspects of participating in the sport.

“From the driving range and academy, through to the short game practice area and the par three golf course, we are breaking down barriers into the game. It will also give us much greater scope to further develop the work we do with our local schools and community groups.”

“This project has the potential to leave a powerful legacy, both in terms of sport and leisure – and local prosperity,” added spokesman Craig Lynes.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 27, 2021 11:33
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  1. Docmail December 12, 17:19

    Once finished it will be great. Only downside I see is it will only be a matter of time before the houses at the left of the existing par 3 third and the houses along the driving range start complaining of stray balls and the club will have to change it to suit.

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  2. REECE December 8, 11:01

    Unreal slice of earth. Would love to return and see this development.

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  3. Graham+Sibbald December 2, 09:48

    Not a bad place to live with a stunning golf course on your doorstep . Great vision .

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  4. NFTs November 30, 19:24

    I remember going to see a scale model for a redeveloped DGC in the library the better part of 30 years ago. I’m delighted to see a development which, while different to those plans, not only secures it’s future but gives a course of this quality the infrastructure it deserves.

    Also very handy to have the 9-holer ad a driving range right across the road from home!

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  5. Hoppenbrouwers Techniek November 30, 16:18

    These plans have been on the drawing board for some years now.
    Great to see that they will finally be carried out making an already top class golf course even better!

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  6. MYoung November 29, 16:42

    Great vision for the club and growth in opportunities for new golfers to experience the game sustaining the club in the future

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  7. Carr Golf November 29, 11:27

    Excellent development. Good luck with this exciting project Jacky Montgomery

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  8. Ladybank GC November 28, 20:52

    What a fantastic forward thinking idea of how to make a Top quality golf course even better.

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  9. Decarbonisation November 28, 19:22

    And the plans look fantastic ⛳️

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  10. Wayne November 28, 18:14

    Very good additions to Dunbar. This is a course I like to promote for East Lothian golf tours.

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