Former Blairgowrie manager named as new pest control boss

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 9, 2021 08:27

A man who became one of the youngest golf club managers of one of the world’s most prestigious venues in 2017 is now running Scotland’s biggest pest control company.

Described as ‘a surprising change of career’ by The Courier, Steven Morgan is the first general manager of Graham Pest Control, less than five years after taking over as managing secretary at Blairgowrie Golf Club, aged just 31 at the time.

Morgan, who featured on the cover of The Golf Business in September 2017, led the 19th century built Blairgowrie, which consistently features in Scotland’s top 100 rankings, for three years, before leaving last year.

The September 2017 cover of The Golf Business

The former professional golfer has also held management roles in Indonesia and the Middle East.

He said: “My background has been in golf management.

“Like many people, I took the chance to re-evaluate things during the worst of the pandemic.

“[Managing director of Graham Pest Control, Ross Graham’s] vision for developing the business was impressive and many of our management principles aligned.

“This an exciting and completely new challenge for me.

“There has been a growing awareness of environmental issues, the science behind pest control and the need for high standards of cleanliness in both business and domestic settings.

“Whether it is leading hotels, restaurants, football clubs, golf courses, secure premises like airports, hospitals or other lines of business, they appreciate the need to take preventative measures as much as react to unexpected problems.”

Image from Facebook

Ross Graham, said: “Graham Pest Control has undergone tremendous growth in recent years.

“With a few exciting acquisitions in the pipeline.

“Along with the company entering a number of new sectors. It is the ideal time to appoint our first general manager.

“Having watched Steven excel in a similar role previously, and being impressed with his vision, strategy, people skills, communication and financial management, I was convinced he would be the ideal person to lead the company through our next period of growth.”


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 9, 2021 08:27
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  1. Lorraine James October 25, 10:45

    Pest management is an important part of keeping a healthy and sanitary home or working environment. Whether dealing with insects, rodents, or other unwelcome species, good pest management aids in the prevention of disease transmission, property damage, and general discomfort. To create a balance between pest management and ecological sustainability, it is critical to utilize ecologically friendly and compassionate solutions wherever feasible. Regular pest control techniques may make the environment safer and more enjoyable for everyone.

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  2. Johaan October 25, 06:45

    Pest management is critical for keeping a safe and sanitary environment. Effective pest control protects our health, property, and ecosystems in our homes, farms, and public areas. It is an essential component of responsible management and interaction with the natural environment.

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  3. Lucas November 17, 08:02

    Pest is a great issue in the environment. So, most of the time science control this main issue.

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  4. Peter November 16, 11:30

    Sound and effective leadership, works across all industries !! Fortunately, most Clubs have talented managers, who value learning, education and people !! They will find success, wherever they decide to find it !!

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