How to bet on golf in 2021

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 26, 2021 10:52

Golf provides gamblers with many opportunities and methods of utilising your betting, each and every week. The wide variations of choice give you the option of picking spots in each of the tournaments, very specifically, which always works in your favour. There is the chance that there are some great niches to attack each and every week, however it requires patience. Betting on golf odds requires understanding of key aspects, which we will go through specifically for you within this article. Stay tuned, to know exactly what to look out for when you place a bet in the golf market within 2021.

How to bet on golf

If you are thinking that golf is the next sport you want to dive into when it comes to placing bets, you will first need to familiarise yourself with the way the odds actually work around this sport. A good example is by looking at the world renowned Tiger Woods. His odds could be presented at +800 (which also can be written as 8-1), meaning to win this bet and tournament, you will win 8 times more than your initial investment. Therefore, say you bet £10 on this line, you will receive £80 as your return.

Often favourites in golf will be from +600, all the way up to +1300, meaning you could really make some healthy returns if you address the betting odds correctly. Besides, the biggest of odds can exceed all the way up to +50000 (500-1)- yes, really! So, there is plenty of potential here, if you pick the betting odds according to the best way to maximise your winnings.

 In matchup betting, you will pick one player as the post for a better score across a tournament, meaning the odds will be more in-line to other sports, for example. Another example of this could be if you bet £10 on Dustin Johnson, to win Justin Thomas. The odds would be -110, meaning £11 would be needed to win just £10. The line presented as ‘-110’ is also known as the Juice, which is a tax that sportsbooks place on wagers to make a profit. Does it make sense?

Betting types to explore

Outright winner

Outright winner bets are ones where the punter will bet forward with who they think will win a single or who will win entire tournament. These are the best betting options to go for as a beginner, because it is a very simple betting type to get the hang of. So, if in doubt, starting on this one would certainly be the safest route.

Dustin Johnson winning the Masters on November 15, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia. Jamie Squire/Getty Images/AFP

All favourite wins will usually pay from the starting range of at least 5-1, meaning that if you wager just £10, a £50 return would be yours. There are higher odds too, however this generally happens when you have an underdog that has no statistical history on record to have reached a level of sporting success. Meaning odds can certainly exceed all expectations for that very reason, and should you take the hunch and win, it will be most rewarding.

Place bets

Place bets are ones that give the opportunity for bettors to pick who from all golfers, to reach the top 5 placements within a selection of 20. While these bets offer less than outright payouts, you can keep your bankroll going sustainably with the right choices. Most of these bets will come out of a selection of 20 players who all similarly have great form and statistical records to back them up, meaning many punters should have a good chance of making even money out of all the place bets they make. It is not a difficult bet to get right, but knowledge is a must here, and cannot be something that you neglect.


Matchups are where punters can pick a golfer who they think will win straight up against the other opponent. Again, the call will be pretty close, meaning odds will be very similar and close to -110. You will never see huge ranges between players for example, the match-up between Dustin Johnson and Jim Furyk would never happen and is therefore unlikely.

These bets are a great choice to offer, when golfers have not been showing up with the best form, and you pit them against one another. Of course, different courses within golf will have different preferences and matchups, and for that reason, the bets need to be approached with the most reasonable pairings overall. You can pair strong golfers together or the opposite end of the scale, with weaker players. 

You can find a range of upcoming golf events that you can use these betting strategies on.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 26, 2021 10:52
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