Where to find the leading golf betting sites for 2021

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 16, 2021 19:45

Golf enthusiasts are a distinct species than most other sports fans. When we’re not playing golf, we’re either reading about it, watching it, or daydreaming about it. As a game that so captures our attention, it should come as no surprise that there is a massive betting industry on the sport. Not only do fans like betting on the game’s best players, but so do clever sports bettors eager to earn a profit.

What makes a golf betting site important?

 Choosing a new online betting website is similar to choosing a new golf course to play at. How many times have you gone to a course after seeing it advertised in a brochure or on the internet only to realise that it was not what you expected? The course appears to be impressive online and to have every feature under the sun, but when you arrive, it looks like a dead lawn collecting site.

However, the majority of online betting sites are the same. They have a habit of promoting themselves as the finest thing since sliced bread, only to fall short of that image. They aren’t all horrible, though, just like golf courses. There are websites that have their act together and provide a dependable and top-notch golf betting environment.

When choosing the best betting site, there are only 2 paths you can take. You could either find a trustworthy source that already did the research for you, as seen on the following page where Sportslens ranks new UK betting sites, or you can do the research on your own and spend countless hours doing so.

To assist with both of these alternatives, we’ve established the key factors for choosing a solid golf betting site. If you follow our advice, you’ll see how we arrived at these findings. This guide will be especially useful for the betters that decided to do the research on their own and will show them what they should be on the watch for.

Integrity and trustworthiness

 This is at the top of our list and has always been at the top of our list. There is no space for error here, and we will not (and you should not, either). Many individuals are concerned about betting online vs at a physical location. This is certainly reasonable because everything new is usually worrisome, and there is an adjustment time before you can trust it.

However, there are sites that have their protocols and operations down pat and give an experience that is just as safe as strolling into your local casino or sportsbook to gamble. The trick is to make sure you’re betting at one of these sites. We look at a variety of criteria to determine where these locations should be located.

We look at their company history, industry reputation, history of complaints, payment systems, licensing and regulation, corporate employees, and anything else that might help us reach a decision. If anything even remotely resembles a red flag, they are a no-go for us.

Options for betting

Golf is a fantastic sport in that there are a plethora of various prop bets that are occasionally offered. These can be entertaining bets, such as how many holes in one in a tournament, or bets requiring ability, such as where the cut line will be. The idea is that you have a lot of alternatives, but not all of them will be available on every website. Some sites may simply let you choose winners, while others will allow you to wager on many outcomes. This will be described in detail in the part below under “Different “levels of golf betting sites”.

Limits on betting and transactions (professional bettors only)

If you’re a large money bettor or someone who bets a lot for a living, you should be sure that the site you’re on has the appropriate limitations for you. The majority of people reading this (even those who bet for a living) will be unaffected by this. The existing limitations on the sites we’ve advised are already rather high and should suffice.

There are, however, possibilities if you wish to bet more. Most sites will enable you to increase the advertised restrictions if you contact them. They are always willing to accommodate larger players, so don’t shy away just because the advertised limitations are lower than you want. Again, most sites already have very high restrictions, so this is unlikely to affect anyone reading this.

The user interface and website

We all know that one of the most significant aspects of a golf course is its layout. The holes must be easy to detect, and the journey from 1 to 2 and so on through 18 must be logical and not necessitate the use of a fold out map and GPS.

The same is true for sports betting websites. You must be on a website that clearly displays all of the betting options, makes it easy to locate the odds, and makes the betting transaction straightforward. Placing a bet should not feel like a hassle. A lousy user interface will not only offer you a horrible experience, but it will also set you up to make errors and bet on the incorrect golfer or side of a prop bet.

Bonus programs

Some sites may provide bonus programs, deposit bonuses, and VIP programs in an attempt to lure you to gamble with them. While they are fantastic (everyone likes free money and free items), they should never be used to choose where to wager. The qualities listed above are far more significant in locating a good betting house. What good is a fantastic incentive program if you can’t put your faith in the site?

What we propose is that you check into bonus programs so that you may take advantage of them, but only after you have joined a site that meets the other requirements listed above. If you can’t decide between two sites, check into extras to assist you decide. Otherwise, consider a bonus to be an added perk, similar to a cherry on top.

Golf betting sites different ‘levels’

As previously stated, there are several different sorts of bets available on professional golf. Aside from the PGA and LPGA, there are several more leagues to choose from, as well as a plethora of bet kinds within each league. However, not all sites that provide golf sports betting will provide you with all of these possibilities.

Different sports betting sites provide varying degrees of action. Some sites will only offer you bets on the major tournaments, most likely the PGA Tour and maybe the Ryder Cup. These sites may also only allow you to wager on the wins and not on the prop bets.

The next level of the service will provide you bets on most of the PGA Tour stops as well as maybe some of the lesser renowned tours, but only winners choices. The best golf betting sites online (much like the ones we listed) will provide you with action on all events from all leagues. They will provide you with winning bets as well as all of the fun and skill-based prop bets that are accessible.

We advise novice bettors to avoid all-inclusive bets on specific sports unless they believe they can manage it since it may overwhelm them. However, when it comes to golf, we believe that all-inclusive resorts are the way to go. Sites are no longer called “All inclusive golf!” ” on the first page, or anything along those lines. The only way to find them is to utilise one of our suggestions or to browse the site’s betting area and see what they have to offer. Remember that if there isn’t much going on, they might not show much, so keep checking back.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick November 16, 2021 19:45
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