The ultimate guide to online golf betting

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 31, 2022 11:15

Whilst golf is a widespread global phenomenon today, it started with very humble beginners, with few knowing the true origin of the game. The game originates from Scotland in the 1400s and has evolved so much that today it claims a total of 66.6 million golfers across the globe. This is a six million increase in the last five years.

If you are looking to place a bet or two on golf, a great way to start is finding the best golf bookmaker; however, having a golf betting strategy in place will see your profit at the end of the day. Snagging a golf bookmaker bonus is also on the card if you place your bets at the right gambling site. Kicking off your golf experience and brushing up on your golf knowledge is a must.

Golf betting across the globe

Golfing markets are all essentially different but all the same in a way. Wagering on a specific market will allow you to bet on a golfer’s performance in a particular tournament and other tournaments in a specific country.

If you choose a good golf betting site for your golf wagers, you will be exposed to different golf markets with various tournaments and tours on offer. Should you happen to place a bet on a market and the next day, there are no events happening? Then, dear punter, you need some other entertainment.

Different golf markets at different betting sites will expose you to various golf events where you can split your wagers and bet on other golf events happening across the globe.

Different types of sports wagers for you

If you are new to golf betting, brushing up on your golf betting strategy is an excellent way to start. Online and via your favourite sports betting sites, you will find detailed guides on how to bet on golf and walk away a winner. Today we look at some of the various betting options/markets available for you should you want to tempt your luck at golf betting.

Betting on who will win – One of the most common bets is the bet to win feature. Should you opt to use this strategy, you will be wagering money on who will win the tournament. Although this betting strategy could be a good option, it might not be fruitful if you win after betting on the favourite. Betting on the favourite is worth it when betting on the underdog and an upset is attained.

Each way odds betting – Just like the betting on who will win strategy, each way odds betting is practically the same; just add that you need to guess the standing of where your go-to golfer finishes at the end of the tournament. This betting strategy will see you walk away with 2 payouts should you manage to secure a win, 1 payout for guessing the correct winner, and another for thinking the actual standing of the athlete (e.g. Tiger Woods to win the tournament and also to finish in the Top 3 spot).

Masters champion Tiger Woods celebrates winning the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Head-to-head odds golf betting – You can bet on one overall winner, but you can also bet on 2 different golfers and how they will perform compared to one another in an overall golf tournament and standings. For example, let’s say that John Rahm and Jordan Spieth are going head-to-head in a Grand Tournament, and you will bet that 1. John Rahm will be the overall winner, and 2. John Rahm will also land more holes than his opponent. In theory, this will be 2 bets, and you will be paid out accordingly with a payout split in 2.

 Three-way odds – Three-way odds betting is the way to having a head-to-head contest between 3 golfers in total. Here you would need to correctly guess who will win the contest and where the 2 other golfers will finish in terms of standing at the end of the golf contest.

Round Totals – Bookmakers scramble to launch odds for upcoming matches once a golf tournament is announced. Usually, a golf tournament comprises 4 rounds, with many golfers getting the chop after each round, leaving only the might bunch standing. One way to bet on golf is the round totals betting strategy, where you place a bet on where your top golfer will stand after each round. You can bet on an actual score, or you could also go with an Over or Under betting strategy.

Other things to consider when betting on golf

The above mentioned are only a small amount of betting markets available for you. If you look hard enough, you will find that top bookmakers will offer you also other markets for your golf bets. Having said that, there are other things to keep in mind should you want to delve into and master golf.

Weather – Weather plays a huge role in golf. Only the best players can golf in heavy winds or stormy weather. Golfers must follow up their gameplan and strategy completely. If you know that a golfer struggles in lousy weather, think twice before placing that golf bet.

Golfer mental health – They say that money and fame might sway you away, which sometimes happens with athletes and celebrities. We are all human, and we all face hardships at times. Famous golfers’ hardships are usually donned as celebrity gossip, things that could influence the outcome of a golf game. Keep track of the golfer’s performance and place your bets wisely when the lousy press surfaces before a tournament.

Finding the right bookmaker for you – Finding the right bookmaker to place your golf wagers is also a task that needs to be undertaken. Find licensed gambling sites that offer various golf markets. Ensure that the site you are registering and betting at is licensed, regulated, and regarded as a legitimate gambling site. Read feedback online about the site and also compare bonuses.


Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick May 31, 2022 11:15
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