Tips on how to choose golf clubs for your game

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick June 13, 2022 09:45

With the sheer amount of clubs available to golfers, it can be easy to make an uninformed choice when picking out your clubs. Knowing what to look for can make all the difference in getting the perfect set of clubs that will allow you to improve your game. Golf clubs are an essential part of the game, so choosing the right ones for your needs and golfing style is essential.

If you’re not sure what you should look for when choosing new golf clubs, If you’re ready to take your game to the next level but aren’t sure where to start when choosing golf clubs, don’t worry. With this helpful guide on choosing golf clubs for your game and the different features you should pay attention to when shopping around. Before long, you’ll be racking up some serious wins out on the course.

Know which club is right for you

If you’re starting with golf, choosing which club is right for you can be difficult. When selecting clubs based on skill level, Beginners should start with a complete set of graphite or steel clubs with at least 4-9 different gulf clubs. This will allow them to find out what they are comfortable with before deciding which style they prefer.

Consider loft and lie

The loft and lie of a golf club determine where that clubface is pointed at the address. If you’re hitting fat or thin shots, it might be time to change either one or both. To change the loft, look for a lower number (11 degrees is low); to lower lie, look for a higher number (19 degrees is high). Keep in mind that there is overlap between lofts and lies; a 7-iron with a low loft also has a low lie, while a 9-iron with a high loft has a high lie. Most amateurs benefit from setting their driver’s loft somewhere between 10 and 12 degrees, their 3-wood between 15 and 18 degrees and their irons somewhere between 14 and 16 degrees.

Compare irons vs. woods

Golf clubs are made up of three main components: irons, woods, and putters. The primary purpose of each club is different, so you must understand which type of club suits your needs. Irons are used to cover more ground with less effort—they’re typically recommended for players with slower swing speeds who need more accuracy when hitting a ball. Woods are designed with more loft than irons, providing them more distance from a single stroke. All players can use them as long as their swings allow for greater power and height.

Picking out wedges

The wedge is an essential part of a golfer’s bag, but few people understand what makes one club different from another. When choosing wedges, the best thing you can do is to break down exactly what kind of player you are. For example, if you typically hit your ball shorter than 200 yards, it doesn’t make sense to buy very high-lofted wedges (those with angles of more than 60 degrees). Similarly, if you tend not to have much green-side spin and instead knock it long off of tight lies, you should get wedges with a bounce angle over 3 degrees. Wedge height is also significant because of its impact on both distance and spin.

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick June 13, 2022 09:45
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