Golf used to help rehabilitate people injured in Ukraine

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 24, 2022 16:52

People in Ukraine who have been severely affected by the war are being introduced to golf as part of an R&A-funded project designed to rehabilitate them.

This is being achieved by a partnership between the Ukraine Golf Federation (UGF) and the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA).

Doctors and physiotherapists from Ukraine and PGA coaches are being trained by EDGA, with funding from The R&A, to offer golf to the nation’s citizens of all ages who have been injured in their lives or have a medical impairment / condition.

Called the ‘FREEPEOPLE EDEM Project’, named after the Edem Resort Medical and Spa in Lviv, Ukraine, it is hoped that also those who have suffered the trauma of the military conflict can, through golf and using the Edem Resort, find “new horizons of hope and joy”.

Thanks to the generosity of Poland’s golf authorities in providing a workshop based in the city centre of Warsaw (Studio Gwiazdzista), the first training session for Ukrainian medical professionals and partnering Polish golf coaches took place in early November.

“The Edem Resort Medical and Spa in Lviv will be the welcoming point for golfers with a disability in need of rehabilitation or physiotherapy including complex cases. The venue will be part ‘medical retreat’ but also a haven away from conflict, where those who have been caught up in the war can enjoy the nature and peace of a golf course and the health and social benefits of sharing a fairway with friends,” said a spokesman.

“With the help of PGA coaches in the project they will also improve as golfers.”

Mark Taylor, EDGA’s head of development, who ran the training workshop in Warsaw, said: “We are all aware of the terrible situation in Ukraine – so identifying golf and putting golf into the hands of medical professionals as a rehabilitation option for people who may have suffered injury or trauma could be life changing. Working with some of Ukraine’s leading medical professionals over these two days has been truly amazing. They already possess their extensive expertise and are now ‘golf ready’ to introduce experiences to a new audience.”

Veronika Rastvortseva, spokesperson for the FREEPEOPLE EDEM Project, said: “We have experienced through our EDGA training the difference golf makes to people who have been affected by conflict. At the seminars, we invited people with multiple disabilities, some incurred on the front line in previous conflicts, who discovered how golf could become a game for them. These people never thought they could play sport again, experience the emotion of success and failure, or simply spend time with family, friends and colleagues pursuing a healthy activity that supports their well-being.

“The EDEM Project will now provide a medical retreat and golf course to support people affected by the war in the Ukraine and this can be of huge, lasting benefit. Golf brings people outdoors, it encourages movement, social interaction and challenges cognitively. But perhaps in the main, golf helps heal mentally, pushing mind space into new horizons of hope and joy and taking us away from the places our mind has occupied, places of fear and loss and anger. Importantly, golf brings the family together. A wonderful activity for all generations! We are so proud to have the support of EDGA to use their extensive knowledge and expertise around golf for the disabled to embed golf into the framework of rehabilitation.”

Oleksii Bashkirtsev, head doctor of the Edem clinic, said: “The physical therapists of the Edem Сlinic have many years of experience but they faced new challenges in providing rehabilitation to people who have suffered injuries in the military conflict. Thanks to the completed EDGA course in Warsaw, our specialists will use this knowledge in our golf rehabilitation programme to restore the functioning of the musculoskeletal system for victims of war, helping them to recover their endurance, speed and strength qualities. Using golf learning, such specialist rehabilitation can ensure full recovery of the body’s self-regulation processes and return people affected by the war in Ukraine to their previous quality of life.”

Tony Bennett, president of EDGA, said: “Every day I see the positive effect golf can have on people of all ages, nationalities, genders and abilities. The FREEPEOPLE EDEM Project is a powerful example of how a multidisciplinary approach to golf for individuals with a disability can help open doors that have been closed due to the trauma of accidents and now also war. EDGA is delighted to be able to contribute our skills, knowledge and programmes to the EDEM Project and we congratulate the team that created and delivers this far-reaching project. The Ukraine Golf Federation joined EDGA to help bring golf to individuals with disabilities and to build an inclusive sport. This initiative demonstrates the power of golf to change lives.”

Golfers in Ukraine will be further supported by EDGA as a beneficiary of a project run by DP World, in which used golf balls are collected and redistributed to worthy causes.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir November 24, 2022 16:52
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    Great initiative by the R&A

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