A closer look at Charley Hull: Golf’s new rock n’ roll hero

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick June 24, 2024 09:30

Charley Hull isn’t your typical golfer.

In a sport often associated with tradition and politeness, Hull has burst onto the scene with a swagger that’s more rock ‘n’ roll than country club.

The 28-year-old English women’s number 1 has carved a niche for herself, wowing crowds with her sparkling personality, not to mention her exceptional ability.

The internet went wild recently when a video came out of Hull casually signing autographs at the US Women’s Open with a cigarette dangling from her lips.

So what is it about this Brit that’s marking her out as the next rock‘n’roller? This article aims to find out.

A talented player with grit

Charley Hull is ranked No.9 in the world. She’s the UK’s leading female golfer. She’s a six-time champion on the LPGA and Ladies European tours. So, why is it that just one little cigarette has created more column inches about her than any of her outstanding achievements?

After all, a quick ciggy is hardly proof of a destructible habit, just like claiming a no deposit bonus is not a sure-fire sign of a casino betting addiction.

Yet critics say that it sets a bad example to budding golfers, hence the controversy around it. Like with her male predecessor Jon Daly, who loved to celebrate his excesses, certain sections of the media love to criticize players who they deem to set a bad example to those watching.

The fact that Charley Hull is young, blonde, and attractive simply adds fuel to the fire in an international press that loves to take the moral high ground, even when their content has a misogynistic streaking running through it.

Hull seems to have taken it in her stride, however. In a recent press conference she simply laughed and shrugged her shoulders as a journalist asked her questions, even making a joke about how the incident has ‘lit up’ the interest in her.

It’s this personality that has warmed thousands of fans to her, one that stands out from the sea of drab golf personalities that currently travel the world’s fairways.

A relatable rebel with a punk rock spirit

Anyone who watches Charley Hull play will see a style that befits her attitude.

Diagnosed with ADHD, she uses her vast stores of energy to her advantage. When she’s not taking part in tournaments, she’s busy inspiring other female golfers by posting her rigorous training routines on social media.

Hull’s journey began at the age of two, when her father took her to a local golf club and gave her a mini golf kit. By 13, she was homeschooled, dedicating herself fully to golf. This laser focus paid off – she debuted at the Women’s British Open at the age of 16 and quickly turned professional.

Despite her achievements, Hull remains down-to-earth. Her social media presence is a far cry from the typical, sanitized athlete’s feed. It’s a window into her life, showing off wedding preparations, awkward fashion choices, and even fan interactions. She’s not afraid to be messy, real, and, most importantly, human.

It’s probably her genuineness that wins so many people over. Instead of a world-famous golfer, she could easily be someone you bump into down the local pub. Even Hull is amazed by the fuss around her, recently saying that you could make a great reality show about her current life, crazy as all of the attention is.

More than just runner-Up: A bright future awaits

Despite her promise, Charley Hull doesn’t have silverware in her home just yet.

She came agonizingly close to major glory with two runner-up finishes in the US Women’s Open and AIG Women’s Open last year, but it feels like her career is still on an upward trajectory. Her recent surge in popularity, fueled by the cigarette incident, might be unexpected, but the extra support and attention may help her push on through that all-important final step of winning a trophy.

Many people believe that Charley Hull is a breath of fresh air in the world of golf. She’s a talented player with a rock’n’roll spirit, a relatable personality, and an interesting working-class story.

As she continues to dominate on the course and embrace her individuality off it, one thing is certain: Charley Hull is here to stay, and she’s going to do it her own way.

Seamus Rotherick
By Seamus Rotherick June 24, 2024 09:30
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