Burnt body was ’embarrassed’ killer

Emma Williams
By Emma Williams February 10, 2012 13:54

A burnt corpse found by a greenkeeper at Denham Golf Club in Buckinghamshire last October was that of a schizophrenic man who had previously stabbed his mother to death before beheading her, removing her left lung and setting the body on fire.

Paul Clark, part of the course management team at the club, spotted a fire and a pile of clothing on a dirt track near the course, and then heard a mobile phone ring. When he went to investigate the noise he discovered the burning body of 40-year-old Chay Sibley.

Sibley, from Scotland, had been sent to a secure mental hospital in 1998 for the manslaughter of his mother the previous year. He was released two years later and was near the golf club last year to see his father who lived locally.

An inquest into his death found that the night before his body was discovered he had visited St Bernhard’s Hospital in Ealing, where he was told that he had to wait until the following day to see someone about his mental health issues, which he feared were reappearing after Googling his own name and finding the results ‘too much to bear’.

In 1997 Sibley, who was suffering from acute schizophrenia, killed his mother, who his father said he idolised, after returning from a week-long trip to Amsterdam, where he had taken huge quantities of alcohol, cocaine and skunk. He claimed at the time that he thought she was the devil.

His father said that psychiatrists told him in 1998 that his son felt so ’embarrassed’ by the killing that it was always likely he would one day commit suicide.

The inquest found that the father of four did take his own life.


Emma Williams
By Emma Williams February 10, 2012 13:54
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  1. No parental support, love, empathy, or understanding July 4, 03:35

    XXXX are to blame for his death. Negligence and selfishness at their utmost best.

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  2. X patient March 13, 23:20

    I knew this scumbag in Ealing hospital. i was on the same ward as he and knew exactly what he had to hide. Mudering scum. Just like everyone knew what he had done, .The disgusting thing was, he was the nurses boy,favoured by the staff, as if he had done nothing wrong in his entire life. What a joke. He should have been shot. Where is the justice for the poor woman ( his mother!!!! )who was murdered so brutally? Who is thinking about her? No, people are only thinking about this asshole. I’m glad this basatard is dead. I just hope his dad ‘Dave’ and his sisters can find the strength to move on and forget this tragic episode. He did the right thing by taking his own life. Bring back the death penalty, that’s what I say.

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  3. Golf Club Management (@GCM_mag) February 10, 18:04

    The body found at a British golf club last October was a man who could not live with the guilt of killing his mother http://t.co/3bC8akSr

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    • No parental support, love, empathy, or understanding July 4, 02:49

      These pathetic excuses for XXXX are to blame for his utterly needless and senseless death because of the despicable neglect with which they tortured him during his adolescence. It’s a miracle his siblings survived and a travesty of child protection and criminal justice they have not been prosecuted.
      The epitome of cruelty and hypocrisy.

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  4. Dulwich Golf Club (@DulwichGolfClub) February 10, 14:39

    @AlDunsmuir http://t.co/qTL20OHl Great article, I just can’t believe someone can commit a crime like that and be released after 2 years!

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  5. Golfing Journalist (@AlDunsmuir) February 10, 14:05

    Burnt body found by greenkeeper at Denham Golf Club was a schizophrenic who had previously beheaded his own mother http://t.co/ZKDzdXlf

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