Naked women golf day slammed for taking ‘golf backwards’

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 1, 2019 11:12

A golf event in Essex featuring topless women in buggies and naked ladies serving drinks has been branded ‘an unacceptable step back in time’ by people who work in the industry.

‘The Sink the Pink – Big Boy And Bigger Golf Day’, which will be held on a ‘secret course in Essex’ on August 16, will feature more than 30 ‘very sexy and nude ladies’, and is being widely criticised for potentially damaging the industry’s reputation at a time when it has tried to be more inclusive to women.

The company behind it, 4Play Productions, says it will be the ‘sexiest and naughtiest golf day’, but added that women are invited to it.

‘We pride ourselves in offering the ‘boys’ a very naughty round of golf and an overall super-sexy day filled with forbidden pleasures, oh, and you also get to play golf,’ the company’s website states.

Those working at the event will include ‘naked bar ladies’, while a foam party and wet t-shirt competition will also be held on the day.

A representative from 4PlayProductions told The Independent: “Our UK event will be our sixth instalment and we would like to comment that both females and males are invited and have participated in past events.

“We constantly have husbands and wives joining our days.”

Women working at their events are “treated with respect and at no stage is there any soliciting allowed,” added the representative.

Other events listed on the company’s website include an “All Women’s Golf Day” which features a picture of a shirtless butler at a golf club.

Several people in the industry have called it ‘unacceptable’.

Semi-pro golfer Aliah Saunders said: “This is just horrendous and takes the sport back centuries.

“It is a million steps back in time. Golf is seen as a male-dominated sport. I regularly get looks when I am on the course by men who obviously don’t know this is my job and expect me to be rubbish.”

One golf club manager told The Golf Business this was a step back to the 1930s while Diss Golf Club in Norfolk simply tweeted an ashamed emoji in response to the story.

Alison Root, editor of Women & Golf, added: “It’s a shame that women do this type of work and that organisers think it’s acceptable to hire women to parade and sex up the fairways rather than encouraging them to play on them instead.

“The industry is working very hard to promote equality and inclusivity in the game, as due to golf’s heritage it has long been perceived as a men-only sport.

“Just when barriers are being broken down, this type of event simply undermines what the industry is striving hard to achieve.”

She added that such an event “in this day and age is very disappointing”.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir July 1, 2019 11:12
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  1. Happy Gilmore June 28, 06:48

    Excellent idea. Get it right up the feminazis.
    Heres an idea to all the haters….. dont go!
    Grow a thicker skin and stop moaning and crying like little pansies.

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  2. Peter June 27, 15:07

    Of course ! It is exactly this type of “male centric” attitude that has held the game back for years. Clubs have been working tirelessly to change their focus, services and offerings to attract women and families. Events like this, damage us all !

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