Scottish golf club becomes latest to recommend that it is wound up

Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir September 11, 2019 06:41

A golf club in Angus could become the fourth in Scotland to announce its closure in the last month, according to reports.

Letham Grange Golf Club, – known as the ‘Augusta of the North’ – and features two courses, the Old Course and the Glens Course, is threatened with closure, states the Evening Telegraph.

‘An emergency meeting is to be held later this month to discuss the future of the two courses there,’ it writes.

Club treasurer, Robert Kelly confirmed that the future of the courses and the club were in doubt.

However, he stressed that no final decision had been taken or would be taken until after the meeting on September 24.

Mr Kelly said: “The situation is that notice has been sent to the members of the golf club announcing that an extraordinary general meeting is being held.

“The motion that will be put before the members is that it is being recommended that Letham Grange Golf Club gives up the ownership of the golf courses which they have run sine 2011.

“It is also being recommended that the golf club itself would be wound up.”

Mr Kelly said it would be “premature” to say that the courses and the club were definitely closing.

He added: “However, that is the recommendation that is being put to the meeting of members.”

Mr Kelly wouldn’t comment on the reasons for the proposed closures.

“We aren’t prepared to comment further until club members have been informed of the full situation.”

One member said: “There have been rumours recently. It’s a bit of a surprise but not entirely unexpected. There has been a downturn in members gradually for years now.”

Another added: “There has been no money put in for years, club members and volunteers have been keeping it going. Many of the club members are older and the numbers have been dwindling.

“Many people who have left the club said they would rejoin if money was spent on it to bring it back up to scratch, but that hasn’t happened.

“It is disappointing but probably inevitable.”

In August Mount Ellen Golf Club in Lanarkshire closed down and Camperdown Golf Course in Dundee announced it will close down next year. Earlier this year the 126-year-old Eastwood Golf Club on the outskirts of Glasgow also closed down, and so did Brunston Castle in Ayrshire. Just a few days ago Ruchill Golf Course in Glasgow closed with its operator saying this will be ‘temporary’ but ‘unavoidable’ due to ‘a lack of staff’.

Update (September 27): Members of Letham Grange Golf Club have voted to cease to occupy and operate the courses no later than November 4 and disband their club, which was passed with the required two thirds majority.


Alistair Dunsmuir
By Alistair Dunsmuir September 11, 2019 06:41
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  1. Pete USA February 20, 14:55

    Instead of winding the courses up, wind them down in size, so more people can enjoy a quicker golf game. Studies show the main reason most people no longer play is the time involved. So simply cut the course down in length by 40%, which allows the game to be played in half the time…oh yeah, play the new Hybrid Golf Ball which automatically changes the shorter course into big courses play.

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